Thank you to all of you who took the time to complete Talkback over the last few weeks.

84% of you told us how you feel about working here – what we’re doing well and where we could do better. Your views will contribute towards making our Co-op a great place to work.

This is a great response rate, particularly for the first year the survey was completely online.

We’ve also heard your conversation over our social media channels – Colleague Facebook and Colleague Stories – and these themes have been shared with the Exec for discussion. We’ll look at these together with the Talkback results so we’re clear on what needs fixing and how we might do things differently.

Over the coming weeks our external survey partner will collate and analyse your anonymous responses and share them with us during October. At that point the Exec will discuss them and commit to high-level actions. We’ll write back out to you later in November with our Group-level results and share the actions we’ve agreed.

Business unit results will be shared with leadership teams from 15 November, and line manager reports (for those with teams of five or more) will be rolled out from the end of November through December, into January dependent on what suits each business area during this busy time of year.

This year there will be a focus on using survey reports to assess manager performance at the end of the year, and turning survey actions into meaningful goals as part of objective setting at the start of 2018. Look out for more information over the coming weeks.

Julian Sykes
Director of Organisational Effectiveness


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  1. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  2. I’m obviously being very naïve here but why would you look to complete a talkback survey more than once?.

    • Hi Ian,

      Well, why do people seek to distort the results of popularity contests ? Lots of reasons. Here are a few.

      If you were a manager, you could fill it it multiple times on same PC to fill it in for people who were off sick or on holiday “so that their views were included”.

      If you were going to be a recognizable minority in the results (only a few people over/under 50 for example) you could add in a few extras so you were more anonymous, especially if you had strong views.

      If you were a manager worried about the results because you were new to the team and they “hadn’t learned to love you” yet, you could make the results invalid by entering more results than there are people in your team, thus giving you a great excuse to laugh off the “strange” results that emerged later. (I’ve seen this).

      If you entered some strong views you might get worried about the consequences and decide to balance that with subsequent more positive results.

  3. I cannot understand why you would link this to manager performance, most of the survey regards the group which cannot be addressed at store level, pay cannot be addressed, safety cannot be addressed, changes we make cannot be addressed……It mostly reflects the group as a whole with one small part regarding your line manager. If this is linked to performance for next year I think you’ll find more corrupt responses as there was no restrictions on the access.

    The biggest problem people have is the execs not listening to frontline staff, when we say we are stretched with staffing levels and are concerned for safety we mean it. When sickness levels are the highest they have ever been with stress/anxiety we mean it. When good people are leaving in there droves we mean it. It will make for an interesting piece of fiction when it comes out. I wonder how my mangers will tackle peoples pay and their safety at work when they have no capacity to affect those changes.

    Different year same result!

  4. Why the difference regarding responses? One says 56%. Your saying 84% ?

    • Hi there,
      It’s definitely 84% across the Group. Perhaps it was lower in your business area? If you let me know where you’ve seen that, I can find out for you.

  5. Wasn’t even told about talk back until the last day, and even then I wasn’t given the code to get onto citrus..

    • Don’t worry about it. With the system in place this year your manager probably filled it in for you.

      They would already know all the details needed to log in on your behalf.

      I found there was no restriction on one person making multiple entries if they wanted to.

      It’s been like that for the last few years in fact.

  6. Well……..
    we will probably lose more hours on the shopfloor before anything is done.

    Over 200 comments and swept aside untill results come out!

    • Hi Superman,
      I can assure you that the comments have been seen, and are discussed by the Exec on a weekly basis. Comments from all the 60,000 or so colleagues who responded need to be considered before actions and changes can be agreed.

      • To Laura.

        Why do “actions and changes” have to be “considered” at Group Exec level first ?

        Wouldn’t it be more sensible for the teams to conduct their own local reviews and planning sessions team by team rather than it being decided for us by the Group Exec ?

  7. Any reason why we are focusing on managers again with this survey? We’ve been here before. Can I suggest that we go back to concentrating on our customers and ground level staff at some point in the near future – I would love to see that

    • Hi Captain,
      The survey is for all colleagues, not just managers, and the views of our frontline colleagues are particularly important. Line managers are mentioned because the actions from the survey will form part of their performance objectives, as they have the ability to make changes.
      Talkback is just for colleagues, so doesn’t focus on customers, as there are other ways to get their feedback.

  8. Firstly why is it possible to action talkback as many times as you like. Seems open to abuse to me, could go either way. I could even keep doing it and achieve over 100% of staff at store.

    Secondly the results, when available, I am probably predicting the future here will not be for pleasant reading across the board.

    As the results were the worst I have been in a store for last previous year, I can not wait to see the difference a year has made. Bearing in mind the non-existent changes and constant staff hour decreases which has happened, especially as I am based in a large store format, which was almost sold to M&S (shame).

    I also am looking forward to the actions that will be taken to address all the issues that will arise from the results and would like to make this (if it is not done so already) linked to the stores management performance / review process. As we all know happy staff are productive staff which equals profits.

  9. Hi Colleague Communications.

    The distinction you’re making seems irrelevant to the outcome for me.

  10. So, in summary, the same process as does every year?

    Exactly what led to approx. 250 negative comments when talkback was announced this year?

    • Hi Donna – thanks for your comment. As mentioned in the post, the comments will be considered as part of the overall feedback to understand what needs to happen as a result.
      The process is slightly different to previous years in that its quicker – due to it being fully online, and we’ll now be looking at how actions are incorporated into manager’s performance goals rather than action planning.

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