Artist's impression of how the new Inverness depot will look

We’re building a brand new distribution centre just outside Inverness Airport to replace our existing one nearby – with all colleagues due to move from the old site to the new one. Due to open next summer, our purpose built 12,000 sqft site will provide colleagues with the very latest facilities to improve their working environment and operate more effectively. Our investment also shows our commitment to serving communities across Scotland and sets us up to be ready for more stores as we continue our expansion plans.

The site will be built with the environment in mind and will serve our double decker fleet of lorries that help to reduce CO2 emissions in our supply chain. As an ‘anchor tenant’ to the new Inverness Airport Business Park, we’re also setting the tone for the site which hopes to attract more investment which in turn will help the local community.

As we continue our strategy to be the UK’s number 1 convenience retailer, having the right distribution network to support our stores is vital.

Andy Perry
Logistics Director

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  1. Fantastic news, the current dalcross site is the most unique site in our network, I visited recently as part of the WMS implementation and have to say that the colleagues there will the transition to a new site very simple.
    It is extremely well ran and the staff have an outstanding attitude toward their work
    A really close knit team
    Keep up the good work

  2. Fantastic news and good that the importance to our businesses of trade in the north of Scotland, Highlands and Islands has been recognised and invested in.
    Any chance this will mean any rationalisation of logistics serving shops either side of the mountain passes over the Grampians ?
    I often see Coop trucks climbing up over Glenshee on the way to Pitlochry, having dropped at Braemar, and wonder about the fuel efficiency of doing the pass as opposed to sticking to the (longer route) through the Dee Valley .
    It would make a great photo especially when the snow is on the ground and yes the skies are blue but not a road for the feint hearted ….

    Look forward to the ribbon cutting too and I hope Coop gets the publicity it deserves.

  3. Good news, and a beautiful part of the world.

    I have many happy memories of visiting the great colleagues we have in Dalcross, checking tachos, amongst other things, back when I was responsible for the O licence for the site.

    Will be great to see the new facility up and running.

    I also notice that the go-ahead has been given for a new train station adjacent to the airport, opening in 2018, which will mean better travel options too.

  4. Invest, invest, invest. Great news!

    I suspect that cgi pic gives a very overly optimistic view of the average Inverness weather though…!

  5. Any plans to open any new stores onthe north-east side of Manchester. All my local stores (Failsworth and Hollinwood) wer both to McColls so it means a travel to make the most of my membership!

  6. Great news. Look forward to the cutting of the ribbon! Proud to be part of the team to have made this happen at long last.

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