Hi, I’m Ben Brosnan, the Vice Chair of Respect, our LGBT+ colleague network.

One of the roles of the network is to challenge the business to be as inclusive and LGBT+ friendly as possible. As well as creating networking opportunities and offering support, we work closely with the Diversity team in HR, on things like the recent launch of our new Trans Policy.

To make sure we’re doing the right things by our LGBT+ colleagues, we need your feedback about what it’s like working here, so we’re asking all colleagues (whether you identify as LGBT+ or not) to fill in Stonewall’s Workplace Equality Index Survey.

The survey ranks UK businesses on how they look after LGBT+ colleagues and customers – covering everything from policy and benefits, to colleague networks and community engagement.

It really does make a difference as it tells us what we need to focus on. Last year we ranked 31 out of 400 in the Workplace Equality Index – it told us that we needed a more diverse range of LGBT+ role models, so this year we’ve showcased more LGBT+ leaders and given colleagues the opportunity to learn from their experiences.

Fill it in by 4 November

Please fill in the survey by 4 November. Our employer’s code is 1621.

This is just so Stonewall can make sure that answers about the Co-op are from Co-op colleagues. The survey itself is completely anonymous though, and all we get back from Stonewall is high level data, rather than specific feedback.



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  1. Were Co-op aware that National Coming Out Day was this week?

    Seems a bit of a missed opportunity considering the date this story went online.

  2. I worked at a coop when I was 16 and I did enjoy until I had to leave due to family difficulties. I then started work at another coop when I moved, started in 2014 and still currently there but I must say the management aren’t very supportive or helpful towards their staff other then that is okay.

  3. I’m a past employee and pleased to say that I have found other branches of the co op have far better managers and atmospheres within than the one I worked in.

  4. Started working at co-op 6 months ago, love working there everyone’s been very helpful and lovely to me.

  5. The warehouse I work in ( West Thurrock ) is as ‘friendly’ as it can be without being patronising.As an ‘out’ gay man there for 11 years I’ve never had a problem.How ever the ‘closets’ are still refusing to ‘come out’, that’s there issue not Co op or mine.I love it just the way it is with friendly jokes and banter.Let no man dare put an end to the banter it’s humour and no one is hurt.The few that are ‘out’ are happy and convident to chat to each other ( unlike a certain supermarket chain whose head office is in Leeds and taken over by Wal Mart there HR have instructed not to chat and associate with each other that really annoyed me) .Our managers so far have done a good job, I’m grateful for that.

  6. Hi most of my colleagues are fine but i have witnessed some not nice comments from people in the past.

  7. Q: Is the Co-op an LGBT+ friendly place to work?
    A: No

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