October 3, 2017

Eco-friendly funerals

Many of us are becoming aware of the impact our lifestyle choices have on the environment around us. From composting and recycling to using biodegradable cleaning products – they’ve become part of every day life.

These choices are also starting to influence how we organise a funeral. In Funeralcare we’re now seeing a growing trend towards eco-friendly burials.

There are many variations on the theme, but most tend to take place in an established woodland or natural setting with low-key memorial options made of wood rather than the more traditional headstone.

Funeralcare team up with GreenAcres 

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve teamed up with GreenAcres to offer their services to interested customers. This is a great opportunity for us to give more choice to our clients.

We know they have similar ethics and values to our own, and colleagues who’ve referred clients to them in the past have given us great feedback about their services.

The great news is that Co-op members will receive a 10% discount when buying a GreenAcres product or service.

About GreenAcres parks

GreenAcres offer a natural alternative to conventional burial and cremation, with over 220 acres of beautiful English woodland managed as havens for wildlife and the regeneration of native woodlands. All their parks offer burial and ashes plots and have a ceremonial building providing full funeral service facilities, allowing clients to say goodbye in a tranquil and beautiful setting.

Use the links below to learn more about their parks:


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  1. Can we consider being extra daring and offer something that more people are enquiring about, no coffin at all. The deceased is wrapped in a many layers of a soft natural colour bio-degradable shroud, and lowered on a willow tray. This tray can be covered in flower petals, or have real daisies threaded into it, the family can decorate it with our help, wool pom poms, paper fairies, feather butterflies, anything they wish. By not using a coffin we are not wasting resources and help nature take its course easily, ideal for woodland burials.

    • Hi Jacki, thank you for your feedback. This is a great suggestion and I have forward it on to our propositions team to investigate further.

    • Hi Jacki

      We have done this for our clients on a few occasions for both adult and baby funerals. At both Hinton Park and Poole and Wimborne Woodland Burial Grounds (Coop’s own woodland burial grounds) we pride ourselves in offering a unique, bespoke, flexible service for our families and will provide, if possible, whatever our clients wish – hence the shrouds instead of a coffin

  2. A mention of our own Woodland Burial Grounds as well would have been nice here !!

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