Today we start our phased launch of our new MyHR payroll and HR system across the Co-op.

We’ve already successfully launched MyHR to our Insurance colleagues back in March, now we’re ready to launch to the rest of the Co-op:

  • Today (5 October) – Support Centre, Legal Services and Life Planning, and all people managers. You can access the system here and you’ll need to use your MyRecruit username and password. Don’t worry if you don’t know it as there is a ‘forgot password’ option. If you’re a store manager, you’ll access MyHR differently so please see the bulletins for more information
  • Monday 9 October – Food depots. You’ll receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us
  • Tuesday 10 October – Funeralcare. You’ll receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us
  • During November – Food stores. You’ll receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us

The first payday on the new system for everyone will be 26 October – although this will be managed by HR Shared Services for Food store colleagues until your launch in November when we’ll roll-out your usernames and password.

Payroll cut-off for October payday will be 12 noon on 12 October, so any changes need to be in by then.

October pay

Colleagues who currently get paper payslips will still get them for three months after their business area goes live. You’ll get a guide with your October paper payslip as there will be a few differences.

Some colleagues may notice differences in their October payslips for a few reasons:

  • Colleagues on arrears pay will get your two weeks ‘catch-up’ pay – you should already know about this from your colleague pack and letter
  • Colleagues on the 1% minimum pension contribution will increase to 2% in October – letters have been sent to all impacted colleagues (from 18 September)
  • Some colleagues may now qualify for a different rate of holiday pay – we’ve told you about this detail in your colleague pack

Accessing the system

Visit to access the system.

If you don’t have a Co-op email address, you’ll need to let us know your preferred email so that we can send you your password for MyHR.


Support and guidance is tailored to each business area, so look out for more information around the launch and on the Co-op colleague website.

If you need any advice now, contact HR Shared Services on 0330 606 1001 or email us at

Sue Tunmore
HRD – HR Shared Services, Delivery & Ops

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  1. How can I tell if I’m on the new holiday system

    • Hi Carole, thanks for your comment.

      Just to check are you talking about our new MyHR system? If yes, different parts of the business will get access to the new MyHR system at different times. The information above will provide you of when you should be given access.

      Just to note, if you are a colleague in food or logistics you will continue to book your holidays as you do today.

      Thanks Alice – OneHR Programme Support

  2. I was wondering if Team Managers have the same access as Store Managers do? If my SM was to take 2 weeks Annual Leave and I had to process a leaver, would I be able to do this or would I have to wait for them to return? There hasn’t been any information as far as I know to whether this would be a problem given my Role is to support the SM and take up that job in their absence?

    • Hi Josh, Thanks for your comment.
      As team managers don’t have direct reports in the system they will not have the same access as store managers. If a leaver needed to be processed in a store managers absence, the area manager would be able to process this on their behalf. If for any reason an area manager was not able to do this, they would be able to ring HR Shared Services on 0330 606 1001 for any help or support.
      Thanks Alice – OneHR Programme Support.

  3. Standby Claim Submission
    Also, colleagues looking to complete colleague self submit Standby tasks. The Mgrs guide and Colleague guide don’t include the steps to complete, only a referral. The guides need an update.

    I have attempted to complete a Standby submission as a colleague but the steps are not obvious. However, as a Team Mgr I was able to complete a test submission my direct reports.

    • Hi Ian, Thanks for your comment.

      Standby claim allowance is a type of an allowance, guidance on how to enter allowances can be found in the training materials. Follow the steps on the training guide and select the relevant allowance from the different types available (Standby claim is one of these types).

      Colleagues in support centre and CLS are able to enter allowances themselves for manager approval. Managers in Funeralcare need to enter allowances on behalf of colleagues. Food and logistics allowances continue to managed outside of MyHR. The training guides differ depending what part of the business you are in, the link below is to the colleague hub and the business specific training guides can be found at the bottom.

      Alice – OneHR Programme Support.

      • Hi, Does anyone have a good reason as to why food colleagues and StoreTeam Managers/Leaders are treated as 2nd class citizens/idiots versus support centre colleagues, by having to have everything done by a Store Manager only?

        • Hi Al, Thanks for your comment.
          Previously Team Managers would have access to MyTeam via the store manager sharing their password, which is now against our data security policies and so it is the store manager’s responsibility to action all team related changes in MyHR.
          Alice – OneHR Programme Support.

  4. For general info, the ‘access the system here’ link doesn’t take you to FAQs, You can find them here (one step back)

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