October 6, 2017

Brewing up clean water

We’re now stocking Brewgooder in some of our stores – a beer that supports our efforts to provide clean water supplies around the world.

Brewgooder co-founders, Alan Mahon and Josh Littlejohn, were both tackling homelessness in Scotland before combining their passion for craft beer and helping others. Now, all of the profits that Brewgooder makes are donated to water charities… something that’s close to our hearts given our support for the Global investment Fund for Water and our donation of 3p/ltr from sales of our Fairbourne Springs water to the One Foundation.

Alan Mahon said that selling Brewgooder through the Co-op makes sense given the synergy between our ethical trading and existing support for clean water projects. And Jake Woods, our beer buyer, said that we’re delighted to champion a beer that also makes a positive difference to thousands of lives. (You might also like to read Alan’s blog post he’s written for us.)

Brewgooder is run as a social enterprise, and with Social Saturday coming up next week, this is a great time to be celebrating the differences that social enterprises make.

Added: list of Co-op stores stocking Brewgooder

[Top photo: Alan Mahon, Co-founder of Brewgooder (left), with Jordan Rolfe, outside Co-op in Earl Grey Street, Edinburgh]

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  1. Leanne and David… I’ve now added the list of Co-op stores stocking Brewgooder to the story above. Sorry for the delay. Thanks ^Kevin

  2. Hmmm, their website has Asda and the Odeon cinema as stockists but sadly not Co-op.

  3. I love this! Is there a list of the Co-op stores stocking the beer anywhere? Thanks.

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