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It’s been a fantastic week for our Co-op. We’ve had lots of award wins and I’m really pleased that we’re getting noticed for running great businesses that do great things.

I’m sure there are others – probably too many to mention, but here are a few award wins that stood out for me this week:

We won the annual Charity Times Award for ‘Corporate National Partnership of the Year with a Retailer’ for our work with the British Red Cross to tackle loneliness. We were up against some big hitters for this award, including partnerships like Macmillan Cancer Support and M&S, The Living Wage Foundation and IKEA, and Hubbub and Mothercare. The success of this was all down to you, as you went above and beyond to raise £6.1million, as this video shows. This award belongs to you all.

Our Food business scooped the IGD Business Transformation award for turning the business around and becoming the UK’s number one convenience retailer. It also won three Retail Industry awards (Convenience Retailer of the Year, Food to go Retailer of the Year, and Multiple Drinks Retailer of the Year) and 16 Global Cheese Awards.

Jo Whitfield, our Food CEO was also personally recognised for supporting ‘Girls Out Loud’, a fantastic charity that inspires teenage girls to have confidence, self-belief, emotional resilience and a positive self-image. Jo’s an ambassador for the charity and she’s a brilliant role model for the girls it supports.

These awards tell me that we’re doing a great job for our customers, members and communities, and that we have a lot to be positive about. Every award we win is the result of the hard work of hundreds, if not thousands of colleagues, so thank you for everything you do for our Co-op.

Steve Murrells
Group Chief Executive

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  1. It’s great that some of the hard work is paying off. After so many changes recently to get us into the place we are currently, it would be great just have a period of consolidation, just so we can catch our breath, then push on again.
    Great work all!

  2. The spirit of the co-op is again beginning to rise and lead the way, something that other retailers are not doing.
    Well Done to Steve and Team and all of my fellow colleagues within the co-op who have worked hard and really believed even though at times there has been some negativity, strength and courage to succeed has been stronger.

  3. Never felt prouder of our re-invigorated Co-op. So pleased to be a part of this brilliant organisation. Well done to every single employee and elected member who helped to make all these awards possible. Keep up the good work.

  4. Like my other colleagues I am proud that the outside world appreciate the co-op way. However,shame on the Co-op management who don’t reward those who are doing all the hard work with a decent salary ! At My level Funeral Arranger we have now lost all means to gain any extra pay by commission, and now are being told we cannot even claim our ‘no lunch’ or overtime, even though we may be so busy this isn’t pulling a fast one but a necessity .The on call teams are losing almost half the standby pay yet are being asked to cover a much larger area which means more work for less remuneration.
    Give us a large raise in salary and we won’t complain but don’t rely on the goodwill we have for our families to blackmail us into all the changes without a word of complaint.
    The atmosphere amongst the staff is at an all time LOW when will those responsible appreciate this and do something about it ?

  5. So proud to be an active member. Knowing how hard members and colleagues work these accolades are so well deserved. It’s called teamwork in cooperation. Well done Coop.

  6. Pitty were hampered in distribution with terrible I.T systems that are not fit for use. Oh how the other half live.

  7. Great week?!?!?!? Really? I supposes it’s always great when all you do is sit up in the ivory tower in Manchester

  8. Fantastic press. Really well done everyone 🙂

  9. Think this goes to prove he isn’t listening to our colleague stories following the Talkback campaign!!!!

    • The Talkback results aren’t out yet. KAPOW!!!

    • Hi ‘Having a Laugh’,
      Steve and the Exec have seen the comments on the Talkback story. However comments from all 60,000 or so colleagues who filled in the survey need to be considered, before actions and changes can be agreed. Until then, it’s still important to talk about all the great things that colleagues are doing, and say thank you, as Steve’s done here.

      • Hi Lara

        That’s funny; when it is about communities we’re all for local action and local decision-making but when its about staff it all has to be collated and “considered” centrally, before “changes can be agreed” centrally.

        I think we know which one is you engaging with people honestly and which one is about managers preserving their positions.

        Just because you can do Talkback doesn’t mean you should….

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