Label from our Pioneer Piont Grigio member designed wine
October 19, 2017

Your wine has arrived

Bottle of our Pioneer Pinot GrigioOver 3,100 members had their say, and now our first member designed wine has hit the shelves. Described as clean and refreshing with delicate citrus aromas and crisp green apple on the palate, our Californian ‘Pioneer Pinot Grigio’ is now available nationwide at £6.99 a bottle.

The design kicked off in March with members voting for which grape they wanted to see on our shelves. Then we asked for name suggestions followed by putting a number of these to the vote. 60 members then sampled the wine and gave tasting notes with the final stage being the invitation to send in label designs, with the final one again being chosen by a vote.

So if you’ve been involved at any stage make sure that you buy a bottle and tell your friends that this is the wine that you helped design.  And if you weren’t involved, then buy a bottle anyway and see what your fellow members came up with.

Let your colleagues know what you think of the wine in the comments below.

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  1. I have just bought my third bottle. Its not gold medal winning but rather nice after a long day – very easy drinking. I’m surprised that the wine isn’t in a better display in stores to increase the sales.

  2. I wouldn’t buy this bottle of wine, it looks cheap and old fashioned. The picture doesn’t marry up with the choice of name, its a very confused product. Too many cooks perhaps..

    • Oh dear, sorry to hear that… won’t your colleagues’ comments change your mind? As for the cooks… it was a member designed wine, so we all had the opportunity to have our say on the design and votes. ^Kevin

      • I did have my say but unfortunately I was in the minority. I think White Wave was a much better choice. I participated in each part of the process. I hope it is as successful as we want it to be.

  3. I have a bottle for tonight! Not sure on the bear on the front label though. Maybe a picture of a pioneer might be better?

    • Only scrawny little black bears live in California these days, that one definitely would be a pioneer!

  4. Glad to see the silly peace sign necklace and shades were left off the final design.

  5. Enjoyed a bottle last night. A very nice PG at a reasonable price. Only other comment from the main wine drinker in the house was that she would not be attracted by the bear picture on the label. Not a big deal for me but it would put her off

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