Colleagues often tell us they want to find out more about their Co-op pension, but that it can feel like a complicated subject.

We’ve taken that on board with the launch of the new Co-op pension website.

The new site is designed to give quicker access to the pension information you need – with simpler content and easier navigation.

There’s also a brand new online modeller showing how Pace DC (our active pension scheme) works and how the Co-op will make valuable contributions towards your retirement.

Whether you’re already a member of Pace, or thinking about joining, it’s the place to go for all you need to know about Co-op pensions.

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  1. Can you transfer any personal pensions or pensions from another job into your current coop pension? if not when will this be done?


    • If you’re paying contributions to Pace DC, you can transfer other pensions into Pace DC if you would like to do so. If the pension you’d like to transfer is from a Defined Contribution (DC) scheme, like Pace DC, you should read: before you complete the transfer request form and return it to Legal & General.

      The administrator of your old pension may also need you to complete some forms before they can transfer your pension to Pace DC. If you’d like to transfer a defined benefit (DB) pension, or you’re unsure whether the pension you’d like to transfer is from a DB or DC scheme, please contact Legal & General on 0345 026 8689.

  2. On a brand spanking new site it would be great if we could nominate someone to receive my benefits upon death online rather than a letter!

    • Nominating beneficiaries is a really sensitive matter, so we need your signature to confirm who you’d like to receive your benefits after your death. An online form wouldn’t give this level of certainty.

      • Nominating beneficiaries is a sensitive matter, but deciding how much of your salary to sacrifice isn’t?

        • The requirement for a paper form and a signature is for members’ protection. After a pension scheme member has died, we need to be sure that their Nomination Form reflects their true intention as to where they would like their death benefits to be paid to, and a signature helps us to be able to verify this.

          It’s different to setting your contributions. You can change your contributions at any time and, in the unlikely event that an error is made, it can be corrected. However, the Nomination From will be used after your death. You’re looking to the Trustee to take your wishes into account when you’re no longer around, and make a significant decision on your behalf about what happens to your benefits.

          If you wish to discuss this further, please contact Staff Pensions on 0330 606 1000.

  3. The website is fantastic, just a shame that we cant go all the way through to ‘change my contributions’ section at store level. As always, page not authorised.

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