October payday

Our new HR system, MyHR, means your payslip will look slightly different from this month, even if you don’t have access to MyHR yet (store colleagues will get MyHR throughout November).

We’ve created some simple guides to help you understand your new look payslip.

Online payslips

If you usually access your payslip online and have access to the new MyHR system, you’ll see some changes to the layout of your payslip. The changes are shown in this online payslip guide.

Paper payslips

If you usually get a paper payslip, we’ll send a guide to let you know the small differences you’ll see along with your October paper payslip – these are different to online. Once you have access to MyHR we’ll continue to send you a paper payslip for the next few paydays so you have time to get used to the system.

Other things to look out for:

  • If you’re due the arrears payment you’ll get your two weeks ‘catch-up’ pay – you should already know about this from the letter/email you got in August with your colleague pack
  • If you’re on the 1% minimum pension contribution it will increase to 2% in October – letters were sent to the home address of all impacted colleagues from 18 September
  • Some colleagues may now qualify for a different rate of holiday pay – we told you about this in your colleague pack too

If you need any advice about accessing your payslip, please contact HR Shared Services on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk.

Sue Tunmore
HRD – HR Shared Services, Delivery & Ops

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  1. The online payslips has extensive amount of details, which is brilliant. However, its three page long!!! any plan to keep it within one or maximum of two pages?

    • Completely agree. Not saying that everyone prints out their payslip, but if they did, then that’s 70,000 extra pieces of paper compared to the 2 page (1 piece of double sided paper) version we used to have… x13 pay periods = a lot of extra trees and cost at a time where other parts of our Co-op are asking us to ‘keep it lean’. Be good if all new things had ‘keeping it lean’ built in from the word go and demonstrated the advice that other teams are asking for.

    • Hi Raqib,

      Thanks for your feedback – I shall feed this back into the MyHR Support team.


      Alice – MyHR Support

  2. Hi Alice

    Just to report that NIable pay and NIable ytd is also wrong for those who pay AVCs.

    Would you know when the payslips will be corrected for these and the other errors / omissions identified so far? I assume the payslips will be reissued when fixed?

    Many thanks

    • Hi David,

      I would advise you phone HR Services on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk for this specific issue. It is not something that has come up as a boarder issue.



      • Thanks Alice,

        I have reported to HR Services. This issue will impact anyone who pays AVCs.

        Please can you respond to my earlier post about the missing pension contributions / AVC year to date figure(s)?

        Many thanks


  3. Payslip YTD figures incorrect
    Holiday entitlement incorrect
    No historic Payslips
    New format more difficult to read with sight problems

    Yes you may have to move with the times but how about the system being fit for purpose before launch. I think we should all do this, get some things right but ignore the rest. I wonder how long we would be in our job’s

    • There won’t be any historical wage slips. As they were not online. No one is going to sit their. And enter. Details for 30,000 employees, how far would you like it backdated?

      However one believes that They will stay there so becoming historical from now on.

    • Hi Steve,

      If you think that the figures on your payslip are wrong, I would phone HR Services on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk so they can look into your issues more specifically.

      We are intending to upload historic payslips onto MyHR, however if you need historic payslips you are able to log onto the old system and view these.



  4. The new payslips don’t show things like pension contributions paid to date or AVCs paid to date. This is very unhelpful. Will this be fixed soon?

  5. So, having seen my 2 week of arrears pay eaten up in additional tax and NI I’m no better of as a result of this multi-year and multi-million pound expense.

    Mind you my colleague was worse off due to some faulty calculations in Oracle (a laughable name for the system when you think about it) so maybe I’m lucky.

    Just remind me again why we had to do this and why now and what financial benefits you expect to see to the Co-op?

    You need to show millions in savings and I just don’t hear how what has been delivered does that.

    It’s not an tough question to answer – you have had to explain it stakeholders dozens of times.

    • Hi Simon,

      It’s a shame you feel this way, however HRMC calculate tax not us. I would tell your colleague to phone HR Services on 0330 606 1011 who will be able to look into this specific issue.

      It’s key that we get the right HR and Payroll systems in place so we move with the times and have up to date technology, keeping our data safe and secure.


      Alice – MyHR Support

      • Hi Alice, Thanks for the reply. It’s not much of an argument when we are so reluctant to move with the times in other areas. It’s a pity.

        Your reasoning seems to be the corporate equivalent of buying a new smart TV cos all the neighbours have got one. It doesn’t make the quality of what you watch any better.

        As for keeping data secure, I’d just mention that the big data breaches (Morrison’s etc) have been down to the work of individuals and not down to the quality of the systems they took data out of.

    • There is no way the whole extra payment was taken up by tax and N.I. that is not how it works.

      You pay the same percentage of tax. If you received the arrears after leaving the business the deductions would be the same.

      The only difference is the rest of the year you may pay a little less whilst PAYE catches up. As it presumes this new ammount is going to be paid every payday, when it realises it I sent it it adjust as it goes.

  6. Do the new wage slips need to have your bank details on them

  7. Alice and team, I’d just like to say thank you for the helpful responses you are giving here and the professional way you are dealing with this our most significant systems change in HR in many years. We know how much work it has been. Thank you from all of us in Foods HR.

  8. I think that the new system is great 🙂

  9. Hi, Can you explain why there is no longer annual salary displayed on payslips, why there is no hourly rate, what seems to be the problem to include this in the new payslip and please dont refer me to payslip guide.???

  10. We all registered our personal e-mail addresses but now they haven’t been recognised and all coming on work e-mail address. Is no option in MY HR to edit the e-mail.

    • Hi Aneta,

      If you have a work email address, this will be where we send your username and password. The majority of our colleagues may not have a work email address which is why we have been gathering personal email addresses.

      If you need to change a work email address you can do this by calling HR Services on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk.



  11. Can someone explain why some colleagues didn’t get the extra pay in today’s wage . After seventeen years service it’s a big kick in the teeth

    • is because they were not on the arrears pay and were current anyway?

    • Hi Kelly,

      Not all colleagues were entitled to the catch-up pay. It was only for colleagues on arrears pay. If you’re paid on the arrears pay-cycle, you’re always paid two weeks behind colleagues on the current pay-cycle. Colleagues on the arrears pay cycle got two weeks’ “catch up” pay. Please check your old pay slips to see whether you are on Arrears or Current. If your payslips say you are on arrears and you haven’t received the back pay please contact the HR team to tell them this so they can look in to it.

      Alice – MyHR Support

      • I’d just like to say that, from a store manager point of view, this whole catch-up-pay scenario has been VERY BADLY communicated. Come pay day and I get all my colleagues asking me “why have they got it?” “why have I got it?” Why haven’t I got it?” It’s made me quite cross, because there’s no way for me to know who is on what pay cycle without looking at payslips.

        Couldn’t we have been furnished with a list of staff who were and weren’t affected by this? Rather than relying on staff looking at their payslip? Clearly there are some colleagues (Kelly Holmes above) (and perhaps even some managers, who consequently wrongly told all their staff?) who believed everybody was entitled to the catch up pay and are disappointed now they haven’t got it. We can pull up reports for everything these days and send them out store specific via email. Why couldn’t we do this seemingly simple report?

        • Hi Steve,

          All Store Managers were sent a MyHR briefing pack with all the information needed to support you and your team through the MyHR improvements. Information of our payroll cycle changes were explained in this pack as well as how we would communicate this message out to our food store colleagues. We understand that messages like this may have been missed, to reassure you we sent out individual letters and information booklets to all colleagues identifying these as either on ‘arrears’ or ‘current’ paycycle to each store address. These were sent out w/c 31 July. Paper payslips for July, August, September we’ve confirmed to colleagues what payroll they are on.

          The MyHR Manager briefing pack and colleague pack can be found here : https://colleagues.coop.co.uk/myhr-launch



  12. My new payslip shows that I have paid Zero NI & TAX YTD, also shows that I haven’t taken any holiday. Is this an issue across the board?

    • Hi Kathryn,

      It will be best to contact our HR Team on 0330 606 1001 or email hrservices@coop.co.uk who will be able to look into this individual issue for you – this isn’t something that has occurred across the board.

      Alice – MyHR Support

  13. I’ve not received a letter regarding the change from 1% to 2%!

    • Hi K,

      If you were automatically enrolled in Pace DC and are currently paying 1% contribution, this will automatically increase to 2% from October 2017. You should have had a pack in the post giving you more information. If this hasn’t arrived you can contact Legal & General on 0345 026 8689 or email


    • It was a tiny leaflet sent in an inconspicuous envelope. It was easy to miss.

  14. Hi, Can we explain why we no longer have our annual salary displayed on payslips or remaining holiday? Now have to view several locations on MYHR when previously the payslip was the go to location for both.

    • Hi Paul,
      Thanks for your comment.
      This is being looked at and we are looking to improve this going forward.
      Alice – MyHR Support

  15. I can’ sign in to my payslip

    • Hi Claire,

      Depending in which area of the business you are in, depends on whether you will able to log on and access the new MyHR system. More information on this can be found here:


      Don’t forget to register your email address if you haven’t already done so, this can be done on the link above. Food store colleagues will be able access the new MyHR system in November which is when Username & Passwords will be sent out.


      Alice – MyHR Support

  16. Hi
    Could you tell me if the pay period dates have changed. The pay period that I have for this pay date is 17 Sept -14 Oct 17.
    Susan Fisher

    • Hi Susan,

      This sounds like the old arrears payroll cycle. We have now moved everyone onto the current payroll cycle. More information about the move from arrears to current can be found here in the MyHR improving our systems booklet:


      If you would like the current payroll cycle calendar, this can be found on the HR Shared Services Intranet pages, under HR tools (bottom left on the main HRSS page).


      Alice – MyHR Support

  17. It’s so confusing but I have every hr I have worked written down . Something wrong with this 6 wk payment

  18. Why does the new payslip not show actual hours worked. It is very misleading and where is the amount shown that you actually get paid in to the bank shown

  19. I’ve still not received my password. Registered properly checked spam???

    • Hi Joanna,

      I have checked our email collection and have received your password. As you are a food store colleague, you will receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us during November.


    • Try a old email address that you haven’t used for years, that’s where they sent mine 🙄

      • Hi Quinny,

        If you are referring to an old personal email address, this will be the one you have registered with us and therefore your password would have been sent there automatically.


        Alice – MyHR Support

  20. I’m looking forward to new payslip on line do we access it through our g mail acct

    • That’s great to hear Carole. You will be able to access the new MyHR system with the email address you have provided us.

      Alice – MyHR Support

  21. Hi, I still haven’t received a password from you so how will I be able to access my wage slip, as a team leader other members of staff may ask the same question.

    Sharon Hollyhead

    • Hi Sharon,

      I have checked our email collection and have received your password. As you are a food store colleague, you will receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us during November.


  22. I am currently on sick so have no idea about all this

  23. Hi when will we get our password for our payslips we were lead to believe we wouldn’t get any more payslips after September and we would have our payslip on line from October?

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      This is the not the case at all – As you are a food store colleague, you will receive your username and password to the email address you’ve given us during November. This will allow you to log on and view your online payslip.

      You will also receive a paper payslip for up to 3 months after you are online.


  24. Appreciate a lot of work has gone into this but… whilst we have Tax and NI YTD figures, would have liked to have seen a total paid figure for year, or will that come later?
    Sometimes leaving as is or simplifying can be seen as progress too.

    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for your comment, the payslips guides within your blog post may help answer your queries.

      If you usually access your payslip online and have access to the new MyHR system, you will be able to see gross earning YTD on page 3 of your payslip.


      Alice – MyHR Support

  25. If this new HR system is so good, why doesn’t it have our old payslips on there as well? Why do I have to log in to the old system to see my previous payslips?

    Is there any plan to put it all on one system?

    (And, btw, while I was up to speed on it and knew about the change, I only received the post about the pension contribution change yesterday (24/10). It’s not an issue to me, but talk to your distributors because 5 weeks to get something through the post is slightly ridiculous.)

    • Hi Andy,
      Thanks for your comment.
      It is our intention to put old payslips from the old system onto the new MyHR system – so watch this space.

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