Store manager Dave Palin outside Woodchurch Methodist Church

As this round of funding for local causes draws to a close and we go into the next round in a couple of weeks, we’ve produced a series of short films to help and encourage members to go online and choose who they want to pledge their 1% to. We’ll be sharing them with you over the next few weeks.

Store manager Dave Palin, who works in our Hoole Road store in Birkenhead, has a starring role in the first film. Here he shares his experience.

I’m a store manager at Hoole Road in Birkenhead which is a pretty deprived area. Our Brand team from Angel Square got in contact a couple of months ago as they were looking for somebody in the community who supported one of our store’s local causes, Woodchurch Methodist Church.

Even though I’m one of our colleagues I’m obviously also a member and I chose to support the church with my 1%.

I had reservations about being in the film at first because I’m a bit camera shy and had never done anything like it before.

We were at the church for about seven hours filming. I loved the day because it gave me the opportunity to chat to more residents and those who work behind the scenes at Woodchurch.

The film crew were really friendly and helped to make me feel at ease. I had a conversation with the director before we started and he said: ‘Say it in exactly the way you’ve just explained to me, but this time on camera’ – that’s when the pressure was suddenly on!

I normally wear glasses but you’ll see at the start of the film I take them off. I had to do that because all the lights were reflecting off them. To be honest that helped me because everyone became a bit blurry.

The film gets the message across

It’s only about a minute long but it’s put together really well. It helps members understand how to go online and choose their local cause. It’s simple, short and to the point.

I’m not great with technology so if I can do it anyone can.

Dave Palin

Store manager Hoole Rd, Birkenhead