Nick Crofts and Steve Murrells Q and A

Over the last few weeks, we’ve been out on the road at our Shape Your Community events speaking with members and getting their thoughts on how our Co-op can help strengthen the communities we serve. Over 1,100 members attended 20 events where they were able to meet their local Members’ Council representatives; sample some of our beers and wines that our members have helped to create and give us their thoughts on our campaigning agenda and what we should focus on in their communities.

There’s still time for you to tell us what important to you in your community and how Co-op can help.

Following the events, Nick Crofts, President of our Members’ Council put some of the questions – ranging from our commitment to local sourcing and what’s next after ‘Rebuild’ – that members had raised to Steve Murrells. A teaser video of highlights is below, but for the full conversation, you can watch the full video on YouTube.

NOTE: we know you can’t watch videos in store. This is available on our YouTube channel (search ‘Co-op Colleagues’) for you to watch from any device – or you can read the transcripts: short teaser video (as above) or the full length video.

Rufus Olins
Group Community and Campaigns Director