Over the weekend we welcomed our latest round of local causes. This time members have until 27 October 2018 to support the cause that means the most to them in their community.

That means our causes will have nearly a year’s worth of support from our members. Just think how much more money they’ll receive through the 1%.

You told us that you wanted to support causes that weren’t registered charities so we widened our search and have welcomed some community groups without charity status.

More than money

Our Co-op is different because the Local Community Fund isn’t just about money. Every day our colleagues in stores and funeral homes are working closely with our Member Pioneers and Community Connectors to build lasting relationships with local causes and the communities we serve together.

They’re giving their time, experience and expertise to make great things happen – like the store colleagues who got their gardening gloves on to prepare the ground for Marple Senior Citizen’s new garden.

We want all our members and colleagues to be part of these great stories and to share in our success. So please keep talking about our Local Community Fund and encouraging customers and clients to buy our own-brand products and services. The more members trade with us, the more we can share with them and our communities.

Celebrating together

As you know we’ll be celebrating the £20m payout on Saturday 25 November and throughout the following week. I hope you’re all geared up and ready to join in the celebrations.

Co-op Foundation –  a charity that tackles youth loneliness in deprived communities

As well as the three local causes, thanks to your feedback we’re introducing another choice – The Co-op Foundation, the Co-op’s charity which helps disadvantaged communities work together to make things better. By choosing them you’re supporting a project that will tackle youth loneliness in the most deprived communities in the UK.

Now’s your chance to go online and choose the cause that means the most to you in your community so they get their share.

If you work in one of our stores or funeral homes, please encourage your customers and clients to do the same.

Our series of short films has been helping us get this message across to members. Here’s Helen’s story:

Thanks for all your support.

Rufus Olins

Group Director, Community and Campaigns

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  1. Please can you donate to the Aros Hall in Tobermory, Isle of Mull. We need every penny we can get to enable our community hall to stay open!

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