November 15, 2017

Christmas is coming together

Feeling that winter chill in the air? Starting to make plans for Christmas get-togethers? Time for your first mince pie maybe? With our Food Christmas marketing campaign launching this week, we’re starting to get into the festive spirit.

This year, we’re showing how our delicious food brings people closer together at Christmas, because let’s face it; everything Christmassy is better when you do it with other people.

To tell us about what we can look forward to as we start the countdown to Christmas, we asked Rebecca Duffy from the Food Customer team what’s in store. So tuck into an Irresistible Luxury Mince Pie (£2 for 6), try our new Mince Pie Shortbread (£3) or give our Turkey and Trimmings Sandwich (£2.80) a whirl and read on. Your lunch will taste even better knowing that we’re donating £50K from the sale of our sandwiches to the Co-op Foundation to help tackle youth loneliness.

51749 turkey and trimmings sandwich cropped

Co-op Turkey and Trimmings Sandwich

Over to Rebecca:
“We’ve been working behind the scenes on our ‘Christmas is coming together’ campaign for months now so it’s great to see it go live. Like all our campaigns, our starting point was understanding our customers; what Christmas means to them and our role as a convenience retailer in the run up to the big day and right through into the New Year.

wine press adWe know that Christmas is more than a day, it’s a season made up of lots of little moments that bring people closer together. With the exception of some of our larger stores, we tend not to be a destination for the main Christmas meal, but our customers tell us they depend on us for their everyday needs and all the little extras as we get closer to Christmas.

I know I get a bit more sociable around this time, and I think most people do! It’s a time of giving to others, thinking of others, spending time with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and having fun together, which often involves music. So we came up with the idea to show how food and music have the power to bring people together. You’ll see musical references right through the campaign.

One of our Christmas press advertsWe’ve got lots of exciting things coming up, not least our TV ad, which was great fun to shoot and I’m really looking forward to sharing it with everyone soon! We know our customers don’t want Christmas thrown at them in November, so for the next couple of weeks we want to build some excitement and help them get ready, showing them what we’ve got to offer.

There are so many fantastic products to shout about this year, like our Irresistible Winter Dessert Collection chocolates (£6), our Salted Caramel Truffles (£5) and our Sparkling Prosecco Bubbles crisps (£1) so we’re using radio, print advertising and digital to tempt customers to try something new. The products featured throughout the campaign will reflect the different phases of Christmas and what our customers are looking for at that particular moment.

Our decorations and Point of Sale have just gone up in our stores. They’re an update on last year’s designs but still follow the look of our red Christmas packaging. I really think they look great in my local store, Cutgate Rochdale.

POSOne of the things I really love to get me in a festive mood is seeing the Christmas lights being switched on. There’s something really special about wrapping up warm and getting out there with the rest of your community, sharing mince pies and hot chocolate, seeing the local area being lit up with fairy lights. It’s something nearly everyone likes to get involved in and we know lots of our store colleagues join in with their local lights switch on too. So we thought it’d be a great idea to take our Co-op Airstream and plenty of food to sample to a handful of these events – we’re working on the final locations so look out for us popping up at a lights switch on near you in the next couple of weeks.

Come December, when holiday season’s in full swing, we’ve got loads more exciting activities happening so we’ll be back to tell you all about them and preview our Christmas TV ad here, on 1 December. Until then, keep your eyes peeled for 15 of our lorries that’ve had a festive make-over. They’ll be out on the road from 20 November, serving stores out of our Lea Green, Castlewood, Cardinal and Avonmouth depots.”

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  1. Why do people complain about having to work around the festive period? I’m sure nobody particularly wants to but at the end of the day we work for a convenience retailer, would you rather the business didn’t trade as much and folded like it very nearly did previously. If you don’t like it you’ll have to look elsewhere for work. It’s the equivalent of a bar tender complaining cause they have to serve drunk people and do nights…..

  2. When will the Christmas magazines with all the lovely gift ideas and recipes etc be delivered to Depots please

    • Hi Sharon, the Co-op Food magazines were due to arrive on Wednesday just gone, and the Let’s Talk About Food colleague magazines started arriving from yesterday. If you can’t see copies of either early next week, let us know which depot you work at and we’ll look into it. They’re both really lovely editions so you’ll definitely want to pick up your copies!

  3. hi guys are you aware of the double discount dates for xmas so I can inform my team, thank you

  4. Nothing quite like working till late on a Christmas Eve with Christmas shopping to get still.

  5. “Starting to make plans for Christmas get-togethers?” No. Working. As usual.

  6. Lovely, I look forward to seeing one of these festive lorries…….Oh no I wont be able to as there are none coming out of Andover…..

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