How does a holiday in beautiful Florida sound? Or £500 in cash to spend on anything you like or share with friends and family?

These are just some of the amazing prizes members will be in with a chance of winning automatically, just by spending their Membership 5% in our stores.

From now until 5 December, every week there’s a holiday to Florida up for grabs and ten members a week will win £500. Then from 6 – 26 December, every week there’ll be trips to New York and Lapland to win, plus electrical bundles and Irresistible hampers.

spend your 5% holiday picsColleague members can win too of course, so if you’ve been saving up your 5% for Christmas now’s a great time to spend it!

We’re doing this because we want to help more members understand how easy it is to spend the money in their Membership account. It’s their 5% to spend on anything, at any time, but we know some members aren’t sure how and when they can spend it. This prize draw gives us a reason to talk to members about how easy it is to spend theirs.

See for a list of prizes and full T&Cs.

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  1. Please can you give us the names and location of the winners?

    • Hi Rebecca, the T&Cs say: 9. WINNER LIST: Winners’ names and respective counties of residence will be made available on the membership website 30 days after the closing date. The Promoter will not be liable if any member details provided are incorrect.
      So keep an eye on that website for details of the winners.

  2. I was shopping the other day in my local co-op and was told I had to spend my whole 5%, I wasn’t allowed to just take £1 off at a time?

    Can somebody clarify this.

    • There’s currently no ability to only pay a portion of your 5% if your basket comes to more than the amount you have in your wallet.

      So, if you’ve saved up £7.80 and your basket total is £10, you can either take £7.80 off, or nothing.

      But, if you’ve saved £7.80 and your basket comes to £1.50, you can then only take that £1.50, which would still satisfy the entry requirements of this competition and leave you some balance as well.

      • That’s wrong.
        You always can pay £6.80 by cash/card in first and then pay 1£ with your membership card.

  3. Fantastic…. fingers crossed. Trust me I could do with some luck

  4. Please can someone clarify…in this post it states:
    “From now until 5 December, every week there’s a holiday to Florida up for grabs and ten members a week will win £500. Then from 6 – 26 December, every week there’ll be trips to New York and Lapland to win, plus electrical bundles and Irresistible hampers.”

    But in the T’s and C’s it states:
    “Any entries made before 15th November and after 5th December 2017 will not be valid and will not be entered into this promotion.”

    How do we therefore win between 6th and 26th December? Are the winners picked from entries pre 5th Dec?


    • Hi, there are 2 competitions running one after the other. The T&C’s which are live now relate to the 15th November – 5th December competition.
      There are a new set of T&C’s for the next competition, which are essentially the same but detail the different prizes and these will be live on the website on 6th December.

  5. Just read T&Cs and not very clear as to whether each time you use card you get an entry (ie as Simon mentioned) or whether using your card adds you to the database once each week, regardless of how often you spend it in a week. Would be good if it could be clarified. But either way if you shop once a week and only take a small amount of your card it looks as if you get an entry and can make your balance stretch over several weeks and get multiple entries. So if you have say £10 just ask for 50p to be taken each week rather than all of the £10 in one go.

    • Hi,

      you will be entered every time you spend your 5% in a transaction, so if you use it 3 times in a week then you will be entered 3 times in that weeks draw. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. I’m not spending my 5% I’m waiting until you give me the option to donate all of it to my local good cause.

    By the time that option is created I’ll have built up £100s so it’ll be worthwhile.

    I currently have £5.00.

    • Or Martin… spend your £5 in store from your earned rewards and then give your favourite cause the £5 cash that you would have spent. In doing so, you’ll also then have the chance to win a prize and you could then donate that prize to them too (perhaps to raffle off and make even more money for them). Plus, with the changing causes every year, your favourite cause will miss out on your donation if you save it up until you have £100. Not sure I get your logic to holding onto it until something that isn’t available becomes available when you could do the same good instantly today!?

  7. Is it 1 entry per colleague…per day? or is it 1 entry per transaction using your 5%? or just 1 entry per colleague for the whole period? i can’t see this made clear anywhere.

    • Hi REDLINE2233, it’s an entry every time you spend your 5%. There’s a draw each week so it’ll reset every Wednesday.

  8. I am always spending my points so fingers crossed. Would be a wonderful way to celebrate becoming 60 in December. Must tell all my colleauges today as no one else has mentioned this.

  9. About the 5% we earn back is there a use by to spend it or lose it, or can I save it for a couple of years if I want to and build it up?

  10. Cool. How will we be notified if we win something?

    • Hi Francesca, winners will be notified from the details held on their member records within 21 days of the closing date of each weekly prize draw. Have a look at the T&Cs at the bottom of this page for full details:

  11. Hooray …….

  12. Can you confirm if you have to spend the entire amount you have accrued to qualify for entry?

    • Hi Rob, I’ve checked with the team organising this and they’ve explained that you don’t have to spend all your reward and there’s no minimum amount you need to spend to be automatically entered.

  13. How long before new colleagues get their cards ??

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