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Today’s a proud day for our Co-op. We’re announcing the total amount of money raised through our Local Community Fund, the 1% members give when they buy our own-brand products and services.

We’ve added together the two rounds of funding to show the massive difference your 1% is making to 8,000 local causes across the UK.

Colleague members raised £20m

We’re telling people about the £20 million everywhere – point of sale in Food stores, till screens, posters in funeral homes, adverts in newspapers and magazines, on websites, social media, big outdoor screens.

We want everyone to know that this is what the Co-op does – this is #TheCoopWay.

Images of £20m message on big screens, in newspapers etc

Thank you

I want to say a big thank you for making this happen. It’s because of you that members know and understand how being a member of our Co-op can achieve incredible things – and give back in such a way to the communities we serve.

I also wanted to say thank you for what I know will be a brilliant day on Saturday and throughout the following week when Funeralcare celebrate with local causes.

Celebration day on 25 November is an opportunity for us all to come together – colleagues, local causes, and members – and enjoy something we’ve achieved as a whole Co-op.

If you’re a colleague that doesn’t work in a food store or funeral home, please pop into your own local store to support your colleagues – they’d really appreciate it.

Share your stories

Make sure you get on social media and share your photos and stories throughout the day using #TheCoopWay.

We’ll all be shouting loud and proud about our Co-op difference and the difference we’re making to local communities.

And keep buying own-brand in our stores, and choosing our products and services in Funeralcare, Legal Services and Electrical.

That way we’ll continue to give back millions to the local causes who need it most.

Steve Murrells
Chief Executive, Co-op

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  1. Our local cause was Abbey Court school for special needs. Today they will receive a cheque for over £6000 which will make such a difference to these childrens lives with some of them only having a limited life span. I am on the board of Governors and my disabled Grandson attends this school. I have spoken with the school and they are overwhelmed and eternally grateful.

  2. Just going to echo this again, if colleagues could have the flexibility to change the 1% to a 2% and decreases their savings to 4%, colleagues could have put together a whopping £1,136,890 (Granted of course if every colleague did this). Now with that in mind, imagine what the outstanding money raised would be if this was with every member. The sooner membership cards can adjust the percentages for members, the more we can do to local charities to support them.

    But on the offset, £20 million is still an impressive number that is well deserved to be shouted about.

  3. Hi SDFSDF. The criteria used to be that the local cause had to be a registered charity, but for this round of funding we’ve changed that to include some groups who don’t have charity status. Read Rufus’ blog post here https://colleaguestories.coop.co.uk/2017/11/13/your-local-cause-needs-you/ Thanks ^Rachel

  4. Actually I am sad about this, I support lots of little local things devoted to poorer senior citizens, only small amounts, but every little helps, recently my local senior community club, just around the corner from me, a huge supporter of mine, almost all of them have prepayment plans, approached me for a small basket of tinned soup so local elderly with empty cupboards can have a warm meal on standby. Total cost £10. I was told, no, there is no money left, I approached my local Co-op food store, they said they had to say no as well. I was so ashamed at our change of direction I and another staff member bought it ourselves. In the paper next week we will be going on about how we locally are giving £6,000 to charities, [ two playgroups and our majorettes] and yet the small groups I have supported up till now are too small to be able to apply, when this 1% was started we were told it would not affect our local support, if we cant afford that any longer, I hang my head in shame and despair. We should stop the 1% and give people the chance to donate their 5% to charity themselves, that would make more sense, that would free up cash so I can buy £10 worth of soup.

    • what do you mean they’re too small to be able to apply? i thought any group of any size could apply?

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