Devon Gillespie talks us through the new ‘How do I?’ system

I’ve worked in food retail for five years, most recently as a team manager in Rainhill and have always found it takes far too long to find what I’m looking for on CITRUS policy. The information is always too hard to find so I would usually ring another manager to ask for help or ring OSS for support, which used up not just my time but theirs too.

Stripping it down

Over the last four months a team of five store colleagues and I have spent time going through all of our policies. Together we’ve scrutinised them by asking ourselves every possible question we might have. We’ve removed duplicated information, and clarified policies which previously told us to do things in more than one way. We’ve also made changes to the language used, to make it much clearer, simpler, and easy to understand. Our aim is to make life easier in store by having clear, consistent and relevant policies in one place so we can find the information we need, when we need it.

Bringing ‘How do I?’ to life

Our new site ‘How do I?’ will make it easy to find the policies you want via a simple google-style search bar. It now only takes an average of 30 seconds to find what you need!

The ‘How do I?’ site will be easily accessed through the back office – so everyone will be able to look up what they need. To make it even easier there’s no log-on – so no need to remember a password. ‘How-do-I?’ will not only be a great tool for improving store knowledge and colleague development, but will also save loads of time. We’re also working on getting the site available on smart phones – so watch out for this early next year.

In the moment feedback

This new system has been in trial stores over the last month, and has been really well received – colleagues love the simple look and feel and have praised the clear, simple information as representing a great move forward from CITRUS policies. There’s a comment section linked to each page to encourage feedback, so we can make changes and improvements to the site using your feedback. This will remain a constant feature, all responses will be fed back to the relevant people so updates can be made quickly.

The site is now live in all stores, so don’t be shy, go explore ‘How do I?’

Devon Gillespie
Team manager, Rainhill

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  1. Nicely done but the main problem I found with Citrus policy is the absolute rubbish search engine. I mean, they couldn’t have built a more basic engine if they tried. The only times that search was of any use to me is when I already knew EXACTLY what I was looking for in the policy to begin with. Defeats the purpose, that.

  2. Fantastic piece of work team, really making it quick and simple for our colleagues to find answers. Well done all.

  3. Is there a way non store colleagues can have a look around?

    • Hi Josh, sure! You can access it at the top of the quick links section on the right hand side of the food intranet 🙂

  4. ”Over the last four months a team of five store colleagues and I have spent time going through all of our policies.”. So as a team manager you forgot to do your job and spent months of time on citrus, let alone citrus, what about the sales of that store for 4 months. Just an email to citrus IT team would have done the job. here in my store we are all busy filling stock, serving customers on tills, and still we are struggling because of short of staff. Anyway congratulations.

    • This is all about saving you time on the shop floor! An email wouldn’t have simply done the job, this was all about the people who use this day in and day out shaping what it should (and now does) look like. Well done Devon and team.

    • Hello,
      In case it’s not clear from the article, Devon and the others on the team have been on secondment into their roles helping to make How Do I. Their roles in store have been covered so that their stores haven’t suffered.
      We heard lots of feedback from research that Citrus was hard to use and that the information on there wasn’t accurate. Search didn’t work and it wasn’t easy to find out how to do the tasks that people were looking for. We think that the new website will help a lot of colleagues, much more than Citrus. Hope you feel the same when you begin to use it.

    • wow. there are hundreds of people on secondments doing other stuff likes audits, refits or trialling things with the support centre.

      I Am sure there store was just fine. if its anything like our team there will be people ready to step up and fill the void.

      How do you not know that there was a team leader from there store or another just waiting in the wings to prove they could make the step up.

  5. Well done to everyone – fantastic piece of work

  6. Well Done Devon!

  7. Very easy to use and most importantly quick. I found information required in a matter of seconds.

    The information is straight to the point and clear. A big improvement on CITRUS policy!

  8. Well done everyone, it’s been a hard slog to get it launched but will be well worth it, making it easier and simpler for colleagues

  9. Well done. Had a look around last week, it’s much easier and quicker to access. It’s also a very good backup for new TL’s

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