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Wow. Saturday was an amazing day for our Co-op. A day we all came together to celebrate the payout to 4,000 local causes – money raised by members when they buy our own-brand products and services. That makes an astonishing £20m we’ve raised in total since we re-launched membership.

Thank you to everyone involved – colleagues in stores, funeral homes, and colleagues from the rest of our businesses and support centres who went down to their local store to join in the celebrations.

Lots of time and energy went into making Saturday a success and I continue to be bowled over by the commitment and passion of you all.

The celebrations haven’t ended though. Throughout this week Funeralcare will be celebrating with local causes and members so look out for more events happening in your community.

Here’s a short video of what you all got up to on Saturday:

NOTE: we know you can’t watch videos in store. This is available on our YouTube channel (search ‘Co-op Colleagues’) for you to watch from any device.

We shouted loud and proud – #TheCoopWay

We made sure everyone knew about our brilliant achievement.

  • On social media we reached 7.3 million people with our campaign
  • We sent out 350 local press releases and used lots of photos from our store colleagues 

Thanks to all those who went on social media to share their stories and sent photos to our PR team.

We all have a lot to feel proud about.

CEO, Co-op

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  1. ….Here’s a video of what you all got up to.

    I hope everyone at head office and field teams enjoyed watching all the effort we went to at store level, sadly we’re not allowed to view it, being second class citizens.

    • Apologies Al. I should’ve added this note in: This is available on our YouTube channel (search ‘Co-op Colleagues’) for you to watch from any device. Thanks ^Rachel

  2. Well done Kevin – another fantastic colleague event : )

  3. For non-1AS colleagues reading the comments here… we held an event today where Jo Whitfield, CEO Co-op Food, celebrated this weekend’s payout, talked a bit about this year and highlighted what’s in store in Food this Christmas. Bits from this event will be shared on this site during this week for all colleagues.

  4. Great event in the Atrium, Jo gave a really lovely speech and really captured the spirit of the celebrations. A big thank you to everyone who was involved, and of course all our colleagues in stores who really sprinkled the day with lots of co-op magic. Hope Funeralcare colleagues have a great week celebrating this week.

    • It was great event in the atrium today but a couple of things about the atrium event bothered me.

      First – Why go to all the trouble of assembling so many members of the silver choir and then a) not introducing them at beginning of the session and b) having a smaller choir sing to them was a bit peculiar.

      Second – can we make an effort to stop saying “pimping” and “pimp” in regard to improving our food offer. If we listened to people talking about modern slavery we’d understand that pimps are at work in this country (and yes, in this city) and pimping is a real thing right now.

      There are plenty of other words available to convey what you want to say.

      • Hi Nick. Glad you enjoyed it. Just to say that the Silver Choir were invited to sing, but unfortunately said they couldn’t make it. Their plans changed and they found themselves in Manchester today anyway, so we invited them in to see the TV ad… but had already made arrangements with The Pioneer choir in the meantime, so didn’t want to let them down.
        On the word ‘pimp’ – sorry if you find it offensive.

        • Thanks Kevin.

          Appreciate you permitting the post to appear and for your explanation of events.

          On the word “pimp” it’s not that I’m offended I just think it’s inappropriate when you think about what it means and that there are people not very far from this building who are experiencing the awfulness of being “pimped”.

          As I said, there are plenty of other words to choose from.

          Hopefully we wouldn’t say our desserts were “the bomb” now would we?

          • Nicola – totally get what you’re saying… but let’s keep things in context. I’m sure no one was talking about prostitution when they mentioned pimping. What’s next – not selling spices from our stores where the Spice drug is a problem? Lush stopping selling bath bombs in Manchester, London and anywhere else where a bomb has gone off? Get your point, but really need to keep things in context – there are bigger things to be more worried about surely (not belittling the homeless or modern slavery problem that obviously exists – but just suggesting we focus on solving that rather than enforcing the PC brigade of not using terms just in case they’re taken out of context).

            • It has nothing to do with the “PC Brigade” or it being taken out of context, it’s still an inappropriate word to use for a company championing ethical ways of doing business. It’s so foolish to use this word when it is a form of slavery, used by a company doing an awful lot to tackle this very problem.
              Surprising this wasn’t edited out by someone proof-reading the speech.

      • My recollection is that the phrase was ‘pimp up’, not ‘pimp’.

        According to Collins, ‘pimp up’ is:
        (tr, adverb)
        to make (someone or something, esp a car) more extravagantly decorated, as with flashy accessories, etc

        to ‘pimp’ is, of course, something completely different.

        Steve F

  5. Any chance of more sedate celebrations going forward? For those of us tied to our desks and phones lines on the helpdesks. The noise makes technical/customer/member support very difficult indeed as we must provide continued support and cant nip off for these shenanigans in the atrium.

    • Hi. Obviously we were celebrating today our local cause payouts and our Food Christmas offer… and these events will always have some noise with them. I know that previously the blinds have been pulled down to minimise the noise and we have suggested that a partition is put up or the call centre is moved to a different area of the building to avoid the day-to-day noise from the atrium. Hopefully some of your team were able to join in.

    • nip off? no one nipped off where our store is, was all done in our own time… you make out as tho you are hard done by. im sure you would be less willing to attend knowing you don’t get paid for it.

    • you could always “NIP OFF” on your days off like a majority of the staff at store level do. What do you think we do? close our stores for a day and just “NIP OFF” and do nothing?

  6. Brilliant stuff. But please post up the new Xmas ad so that I can get of that music from my head. 🙂

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