Our Food Christmas campaign is in full swing, and we’re gearing up for our extra special (and extra festive!) TV ad which will debut during the adverts of Channel 4’s Gogglebox at 9pm, and in cinemas up and down the country from tonight.


We’re showing how our delicious festive food, like music, has the power to bring people closer together at Christmas time. So we’ve created an epic song for our TV ad by bringing together diverse musical groups from all around the UK into one big community.

It features beat-boxing, reggae, classical music and even a school band! We see our musical groups prepare, share and eat delicious food. You might recognise the song…and some of the people in the ad, as some of our colleagues joined the musical groups for a unique Christmas party.


So without further ado, play that funky music:

NOTE: we know you can’t watch videos in store. This is available on our YouTube channel (search ‘Co-op Food’) for you to watch from any device or on www.facebook.com/Coopukcolleagues

Amanda Jennings, our Marketing Communications Director for Co-op Food, told us what she thought about the ad:

“For us, the Christmas campaign has always started in December as we know our role is to be there for the everyday items customers still need as they go about their festive activities, alongside the Christmas essentials and treats. I’m thrilled that Max, the director, was able to capture some amazingly warm and natural performances from the community groups featured in the advert, which really generate that ‘feel good’ factor and leave everybody who watches the ad with a big smile on their face.”


A few of our colleagues who were there for the filming told us about how it felt to be part of the action:

“There was such a feel good atmosphere in the room. My highlight was definitely seeing KYSO boogying with the ladies from the Silver Choir!”

Ellie Makinson, Brand Activation team

“I loved joining in the fun at our Christmas TV shoot. I really got into the Christmas spirit, unravelling fairy lights for the tree and making some paper snowflakes. Everyone sang and danced their way through the day to the soundtrack – there were some very impressive dance moves including back flips and the splits! It was great to see so many musical groups joining together, making friends and enjoying the festive party atmosphere. The singing and dancing didn’t stop even when the music stopped playing at the end of the night.”

Charlie Cropper, Marketing Campaigns team

“It was great fun to join the shoot at Hallé St Peter’s in Manchester and go behind the scenes. I chatted to Trevor Roots about his love of reggae, talked sparkly Christmas dresses with ladies from Silver Choir, and danced to the ad’s soundtrack with other colleagues and the musical groups. It was like a big Christmas party with loads of our yummy food – it really felt like it was the middle of December not October!”

Louise Horwood
Food Internal Communications

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  1. ok so i have seen this advert a few times now. whats the song? i dont recognise it at all

  2. The more times I watch this, the more I really like it.
    I hope tell people that the people in the video are all genuine community groups.
    Well done Food Marketing for creating something real, current and Co-op.

  3. its blocked from the store computer….

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