In a few weeks we’re going to launch a new website, as we start to extend our non-food offer online.

Co-op Beds is our new online business in partnership with Silentnight. It launches to consumers on 17 December, but we wanted to let our colleagues take a look first, and make the most of a 20% launch discount.

The beds will be competitively priced, and cheaper than buying directly from Silentnight – and until 16 December if you enter your membership number at the checkout you’ll get a further 20% off. So this is a really great bargain for colleagues.

All Silentnight beds are made in the UK and come with a 5-year guarantee and free delivery.

If you order by 11 December you’ll get your new bed or mattress before Christmas – ideal if you’ve got visitors over Christmas and need to kit out the spare room, or want an excuse to replace that lumpy mattress.

Take a look now at

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  1. This discount offer is mis-leading. 20% doesn’t get added additionally, the 15% is already discounted on the price, then an additional 5% gets added. Yes it does equate to 20%, however there is a difference in price if you do 15% + 5% & 20% alone!

    • Hi Bed Buyer. The 20% off was a colleague offer which ran until 16 December. The 15% and 5% you’ve seen advertised recently is a different member offer, which runs until 31 January.

  2. This deal came at a great time for me, I’ve just bought a new headboard for a really good price. The site is easy to use and the prices are reasonable.

    A few bits of feedback I have that I thought it was worth sharing:

    * There are no dimensions in the item description. I had to go to another website to find them. Later on, I did find them in one of the images at the top of the page, but this wasn’t immediately obvious.
    * When you choose to enter a different billing address, it could do with some text that says “Please enter your billing address”, just so that you’re really clear what address it is asking you for.
    * When you choose to pay via Paypal when using the mobile website, it uses an older version of the Paypal site. If you have two factor authentication enabled on your Paypal account, this older site stops you from completing the order as it doesn’t support it. This meant I had to go back and complete a portion of the checkout process again.

  3. Says they are upgrading the site and I can’t get on it :/

  4. Be nice if you did pillows as well

  5. It’s got a very limited choice of items on it, in fact I browsed the entire catalogue in less than 6 minutes.

    No bedframes without a mattress, no accessories like pillows/duvets/mattress covers etc.

  6. When you select Beds from the options – and then choose double beds, you see a page displayed clearly showing double beds.
    I selected one of these – priced at £409. There are then some option boxes that appear, to select colour etc. One of these is to choose the size – even though the page is already showing the double bed options that have previously been selected. Imagine my shock when I confirmed the double bed size that I had already selected – and saw the price change from £409 to £619. Very misleading.

    • Thanks for letting us know about this, your feedback is appreciated. It wasn’t our intention to mislead anyone, so I’m sorry about that. The site is a temporary one, as we wanted to get something up quickly so colleagues could get a great deal before Christmas, and give us feedback to help develop the site. We’ll make improvements in the next phase of the website.
      ^James Holland, MD

  7. Hi there. Thanks for letting us know that colleagues in insurance aren’t able to view the site – we’re really sorry about that. We’re going through the process with IT to get it unblocked but it usually takes 2 weeks. In the meantime, you will be able to view the site from your personal mobile or computer – (

  8. I have tried to view but it comes up as blocked aswell . Has anyone been able to view the offer?

  9. Thank you Co-op, I find it quite sad that almost every news item is met with negative comments – Every little helps and I personally am grateful for the benefits offered by the Co-op.

  10. I would love to have a look but the site is blocked!

  11. A bed store that only sells divans. Tough luck if you want a new bed frame.

  12. SSL Connection Error. GI.

  13. Is this blocked (Miller Street)? I keep getting a message saying that the connection has been unexpectedly closed…

  14. can I just confirm when the discounts end please? will there be a permanent discount? payday not till later in Dec !

  15. I don’t get it.

    Where’s our answer to mattress in a box (ie casper, eve)? Whats the co-op difference (membership, charity, our values)? Wheres the Co-op look and feel (the website looks like a hackjob, silentnights typeface!)

    In short – wheres the innovation?

    Would be great to find out a bit more about the deal with Silentnight and how it works behind the scenes.

  16. I’m stunned that we’re going back to the days of having lots of thinly spread businesses that struggle to compete because they offer little value over their competitors.

    We’ve now got another business that has opted out of Membership (5+1).

    • If you are insuating GI “opted out” you would be wrong – this is a system constraint and would have been sorted if the IBM-led NOM had come to fruition. Once the new system is introduced the 5=1 will then come into play.

      • i have to disagree with that. insurance does not make 5% on its policies so there is currently no plan to adopt the 5+1 scheme as it would cripple the business. a blanket member proposition for all the businesses can not work and we need to adopt the best approach for members within each business area, even if this means differing rewards/benefits.

  17. hello .. do i just enter my co-op membership at a retail food store to get the additional 20% off ?

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