Back in August, we introduced something brand new at Co-op Insurance, a car insurance chatbot, which was not only a first for Co-op Insurance but for the whole motor insurance industry. The chatbot provides our members and customers with a quick and simple way to access a car insurance estimate via social media. All they have to do is answer four questions.

We know that our customers and members have busy lives and we’re always looking for ways to meet their needs and make life easier for them. This new innovation gives customers a sneak-peak into how much they can expect to pay for their car insurance in as little as 30 seconds.* Customers can access this tool whenever is best for them, it’s available 24/7 via Facebook messenger.

The chatbot works by using data from existing Co-op Insurance policies. It asks customers four questions then compares the responses to people who would answer the same way and are already on the database. The system generates an average figure based on this information and uses this to produce a quote for the customer – this quote excludes any optional extras they may want to add to their insurance.

Charles Offord, Director of Distribution and Marketing, is passionate about providing our customers with innovative, hassle free ways of doing business with us saying:

Customers want quick and easy access to information without compromising on customer service and we’re confident that through our Chatbot we can be there for our customers at a time that best suits them and their busy lifestyles, while freeing up more time for our contact centres to speak to customers who prefer a more traditional means of communication.

Chatbot is already proving very popular. Since its launch in August it’s been used 595 times**. Try it out for yourself (on your own device as the link may be blocked in work) and get an estimate for your car insurance.

*The price given in the Chatbot isn’t an official quote and in some cases will vary substantially from a full quotation.
**Figure correct on 04/12/2017

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  1. omg I can’t believe facebook is blocked in GI. Pathetic. A great example of how to build a business on lack of trust or respect for your employees.

    Shame on you GI exec.

  2. Link to get an estimate is blocked in GI – “the web category “Chat and Instant Messaging” is not allowed.”

    • Hi Chris. We know that Facebook is blocked in work. Why not try it out on your own device at home?
      The link you’ll need is If you need access to social media for your role you can request it through the IT catalogue. Thanks

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