dd posterColleagues can get 20% off in our food stores using their employee Membership card, and friends and family with partner cards can make double the savings too.

We’ve got an extra Christmassy frozen meal deal in selected stores where you can bag a bacon wrapped turkey joint with sage and onion stuffing balls, roast potatoes, Yorkshire puddings, honey glazed roast parsnips, button sprouts, garden peas and a Viennetta, all for just £8 with double discount!

Or if you need some last minute extras, we’ve got carrots, parsnips and brussel sprouts as our Fresh 3 at 39p each. And we’ve got some really tasty 3 for 2 party food – so even more savings to be had. From 23 December, we’ve also got a market leading deal on Celebrations tubs – they’ll be 2 for £7 – that’s just £5.60 with Double Discount! celebrations tub

Remember, there are some awesome prizes to be won by members who spend their Membership money by 26 December, including trips to New York and Lapland , electrical bundles and Irresistible hampers. So if you or your friends and family have been saving their rewards for Christmas, now’s the perfect time to spend!

There’s also 10% off at coop.co.uk/electrical, where you can now earn Membership rewards on selected products. And there’ll be some massive discounts on hundreds of well known brands when their Price Crash kicks off on 22 December.

Here are a few of our top picks:

Lenco black record player with USB connection black record player

Current price: £79.99

Price Crash price: £69.99 (as of 22 December)

Double Discount price: £62.99

Sony 55” 4K UHD smart LED TV with 5 year warrantysony tv

Current price: £999

Price Crash price: £899 (as of 22 December)

Double Discount price: £809.10

Morphy Richards red soup maker

Current price: £44.99  soup maker

Price Crash price: £39.99 (as of 22 December)

Double Discount price: £35.99

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  1. @ Mathew

    Afternoon, there are thousands off Christmas stores up and down the country. not just in 1AS, Lend a hand and join in the fun !!

    • @Don

      Good afternoon. I was interested in looking at the spectacular offers on Co-op electrical that appeared in the basement store. I am not sure whether any of my local stores will have Xboxes and toasters stacked up ready for sale.

      Also, did a LAH on Wednesday, it was great

  2. It’s great that we get Double discount, however it is disappointing we have selected one of the busiest weekends for our stores. The last thing the store staff need during the busiest weekend is COOP staff going in to do their shopping as well. I know in the summer we linked into pay weekend but at Christmas this weekend 15th/16th Dec would have been much better.

    • Anila… sorry – did I read that right? You’d prefer to see fewer customers in your store in the run up to Christmas and wish they’d sort out their shopping habits so you’re not so busy? You really don’t want our own colleagues shopping in our stores and being advocates our our products? I really think that encouraging more spend in our own stores around the days we get paid is absolutely the right thing to do and if you really don’t want customers in your store, then perhaps a new career might be a good choice? Everyone is welcome to come and spend more in my store…

      • I think you have read this incorrectly. I don’t work in a store all I was trying to say was that Coop stores are busy at the best of times! The last thing they need is Colleagues going in weekend before Christmas to take advantage of double discount. If double discount was the weekend before then that would be less queues made up of colleagues! With the attitude you have portrayed in the above post I would hate to shop in your store!

        Have a lovely Christmas

        • Aren’t colleagues customers too? We need as many customers to spend as much as possible and empty their membership wallets!

  3. We are in our store a little upset as to the dates of this double discount, we used to get a lot longer to get our goodies why is it so late (close to the big day)? after all the money will be going into our tills??? and with the new Membership savings the stock will disappear rapidly by the time our discount comes around! 🙁

    • Hi Julie. The extra discount is based around our payday and this year that’s also the traditionally busiest days for fresh food shopping for Christmas too. If you saw the comments over the summer when the August discount days ran, there were quite a few complaints that it wasn’t set around payday. Next week it is. Thanks, ^Kevin

  4. Are Angel Square having a Christmas store in the basement again?

    • Hi Matthew. No I don’t think there is again this year. I think that was a hang over from the old Co-op buildings when there was no colleague shop. Now Armin and his team sell the products through the normal 1AS store. Thanks, ^Kevin

  5. Hi Can you advice how to get a new partner card

  6. Can you confirm if the discount is applicable only for co-op brand items or is it on all items in store?

    • Hi Laura, The double discount is available on all items that you’d normally have discount on – so pretty much everything, branded and Co-op brand. The 5+1 rewards still only apply to co-op branded products as normal, and will be calculated on the price after the 20% discount has been applied. Thanks, ^Kevin

  7. I worked for co op last year, had to leave over summer then returned in September, I’m my staff discount does not work any more though, is there any way I can resolve this?

    • Hi Abbie. I’d imagine that you’d have to re-apply for your colleague membership card in the same way you originally did. Try giving the membership call centre a ring on 0800 0234 708. Thanks, ^Kevin

  8. Is this available for pensioners of the co op group ?


    • Hi Abimbola, This discount is for Co-op colleagues only as one of our benefits. As a member you’ll continue to get your 5% back when you buy Co-op branded products and 1% to a local cause of your choice. Thanks, ^Kevin

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