Philip Schofield by a Christmas tree

Co-op turkey and trimmings in a boxSome of our amazing, innovative Christmas Food products feature in tonight’s Spend It Well At Christmas TV show with Philip Schofield (8pm on ITV).

We were approached by the producers earlier in the year as they were on the hunt for food trends we expected to be hitting tables this Christmas. Katharine Shipley, our Head of Innovation, put forward some amazing products and the producers went with our recommendations.

Co-op Prosecco bubblesLook out for our:

  • Turkey & the Trimmings Box and Christmas Vegetables – helping you spend more time with family and friends instead of in the kitchen.
  • Sparkling Prosecco Bubbles – on trend this year in combining booze with food.
  • Irresistible Cracking Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Dome – a show-stopping ‘reveal’ dessert for your table to add some theatre to end the meal.

Co-op Cheesecake Dome dessert

Phil recently singled out our Turkey & the Trimmings Box in an interview in The Sun, so we’re hoping the he thinks highly of it in the show.

Will any of these make it onto your table this year?

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  1. For the people who were not able to get their hands on the chocolate and orange dome cheesecake – Don’t worry, it wasn’t worth the hype! Myself and my mother went through hell to get our hands on one in time for Christmas and had high expectations due to it being so heavily advertised. We were expecting a rich indulgent decadent dessert and was disappointed with how cheap and synthetic tasting it was. The dessert was strong in orange/zesty flavour however there was no richness/indulgence coming from the chocolate to counteract such a strong citrus flavour. Rather tasteless overall! An unrefined palette would think that this dessert is lovely, otherwise – very average tasting dessert! Not worth the hype at all or the money! Co-op’s strawberry snowflake cheesecake tastes better and is cheaper! 🙂

  2. Can I just ask those who managed to get one – was it worth the wait and effort?? Tried to get one for my mother’s Xmas Eve Birthday but gave up after trying 4 stores and she got a Lemon Drizzle cake instead.. probably cost me £8 in petrol but never mind.

  3. Was just a con to get people in to the shops, don’t know anybody who managed to find one

  4. 21st December & my co-op (witney oxfordshire) sold out as they only had a delivery of 4 come on co-op that’s pretty bad it’s not a tiny store couldn’t you have boosted delivery’s after Philip recommended it ??…

  5. Wee got one in Billinge St. Helens 😛😛😛😛

  6. Just been back to my local Co-Op and they have had a delivery of 4. YOU CANNOT BE SERIOUS

  7. Went to several co-operatives, just to be told they would be in at a certain time, only to return to find that they said they had arrived early and sold out. One that I visited, the assistant was telling a colleague to save her one, just to say they said that they could not save me one as it was a first come first serve basis. Co-op should be ashamed of all the people that they have let down

  8. I went to my local co-op superstore and was told that they had a problem with the supplier and doubtful if they would be getting them in!

  9. Got 2 today in RH10 £8 each! Merry Xmas!

  10. As an update to the ongoing story on our fabulous cheesecake dessert: these are now being delivered to our stores… but there are only so many to go around. They’re being delivered to our stores right across the UK. If you’re not lucky enough to get one, then you could always try our Snowflake Cheesecake (£6) or the Irresistible Chocolate Wreath Cake (£5). Obviously interest has far exceeded our expectations this year for this particular product (partly thanks to Philip Schofield!), and we’re sorry if you can’t get one. ^Kevin

    • Went to two coops did not even have a delivery of these dome cheesecakes very disappointed

    • I’ve been going into my local store in atherstone all week for the chocolate orange bomb and the staff there didn’t know when they would be coming in, I was told they had 8 delivered to this morning and sold out with in 10 minutes and are not expecting any more. I think it’s very poor service that the coop can not supply to meet with demand

    • Sorry it’s not good enough ,been to my local coop today 3 times today as it is the 20tth ! Sold out had 4 boxes delivered only 2 in each . What a complete waste of time and no alternate desserts either, will be shopping elsewhere !! Feel sorry for the poor staff they must be fed up of customers asking for them.Yes it was on Philip schofields show but it was on the FRONT page of your magazine also …….very poor indeed

  11. Went to my local store in Tamworth and was told only Scotland & the North of England might get the chocolate bomb cheesecake….very poor service, wasn’t asked if I wanted to order one and collect in wonder our local “super” store is closing !!

  12. Explains why I couldn’t get one today at my local co-op in Sleaford. Mind you the staff I spoke to had little knowledge of this product. So can you confirm Sleaford, Lincolnshire will be getting stock.

  13. I bought 2 from my local co-op today – wooo £8

  14. It sounds like some people are really angry at us having such a great ‘in demand’ product this year. And as for those who are moaning about not being able to find one… did you read the note that said it doesn’t go into stores until tomorrow – 20th December? It’s a Christmas product, designed for the Christmas Day table. And it’s a cheesecake with a short shelf-life. What are you expecting – them to be on sale from 1st December and us sell only a handful and people wonder why it’s on shelf when no one wants one? Come on… enjoy it if you can get one. It’s like the chocolate and passion fruit (?) star last Christmas – big dessert, bit of a luxury, and someone somewhere balancing the expected demand with the need not to waste a load if they don’t sell. No doubt the volumes of these being made were set many months ago before anyone knew it would be so popular. I expect some buyer somewhere is probably trying their hardest to get the supplier to increase the numbers they can make at short notice given how popular it’s now become. It’s Christmas… spread some good cheer and enjoy whatever you can get. Maybe you’ll feel better about not getting one if you buy and extra dessert and give it to a food bank to help someone who doesn’t have these problems of worrying about whether they can get this particular cheesecake. Ho ho ho…

    • What a lot of nonsense this reply is. There are masses of Christmas products in other stores on sale well before Christmas which have a short shelf life. I wouldn’t buy something for Christmas day without trying it first. People need to know that what they buy to eat on Christmas day isn’t going to be a great disappointment

      • You would buy a Christmas food product well before Christmas just to try it to make sure you want it at Christmas, and you expect stores to have it on sale even if the shelf life means it goes off before Christmas? That’s absolutely bizarre.

    • Well that’s god news at last someone has responded and explained why they were not available. Can I suggest that when your next super product hits the headlines, it is made clear when they will be available BEFORE people spend time and effort in trying to get one. It does however beg the question as to why being told it will be available from 20th Dec when Sharon J above got one on 19th!

    • Our local stores 3 in total haven’t had any, shame in advertising them when not available to buy in all stores

  15. What a shambles! Another great product by the COOP that has been totaly mis-managed. I reckon the first weeks contestants of the Apprentice could have done much, much better. So dissappointing! I suppose they’ll be shelves stacked to the rafters with soup in the summer.
    C’mon COOP get a grip and SORT IT!

  16. Can we confirm price? TV show said £8 but some literature says £12!!

  17. What’s the point of advertising the Cracking Dome product on TV to rave reviews then not stocking it in your stores?!!
    Utterly ridiculous

    • I agree been to 4 stores today in the Telford area and not a sign of any in any of them very disappointed.

  18. Really disappointed to find that we won’t be doing the cheesecake! This is the one product that has been advertised everywhere (TV, Mag, etc) and half the stores are not getting any! Got lots of unhappy customers complaining to us about it!

    Bit of an own goal in my opinion!

  19. When is this product into store? There’s been loads of interest at my local store but manager cant tell customers if they can supply or not. It all a bit embarrassing really after such a great review on TV.

  20. how can i find out which stores near to me will be selling the chocolate dome cake and when? and is there any way or ordering/reserving one to collect?

    thank you

  21. Very disappointed as a store manager my store will not be stocking this, generated so much interests with team and customers then having to tell them we wont be stocking it 🙁

    I think as a business we are going to disappoint so many people by not stocking this in all store, after the advertising has been so good and being rated No 1 on the top desserts with Philip schofield

  22. Hi everyone. Looks like the cheesecake dome is going to be popular this year! It goes into store from 20 December, but is subject to availability and in participating stores only. ^Kevin

    • im sure it will be,but have we got enough stock instore ,take our store I don’t think so.

      • Will all Coventry stores be getting the dome advertised in fabulous magazine in store 20th

    • Which stores will the chocolate orange bomb be available TS58EG

    • I was told only 4 per store by 4 different stores … what !! How much of a chance do anyone have of buying one ?

    • Hi do you no which stores they will be going to as I went to two co op stores in Newcastle upon Tyne today and they says they didn’t have them

  23. When is it on sale?

  24. I went to local COOP in Barnstaple, but no stock they said this dome was originally due in on the 13th December, but now they hope it should be in on the 20th. Although so close to Christmas I guess I probably won’t be able to get one. What a disappointment.

  25. I called many of the coop stores in my area and was told that they didnt have and didnt know when they would get the cheese cake orange with chocolate dome. Just rediculous really bad marketing on the partt of the coop.

    • I had the same problem at Easter either this year or last year – there was a deal going around (I think it was Easter Sunday dinner for £10 or £15) but I rang quite a few stores, none of which stocked it, including 2 large stores in town centres 🙁 Would be nice to know which stores we can find these products in.

  26. Went in to shops looking for dome
    Cake can’t find it staff don’t know what your talking about why aren’t they brought up to date

  27. Saw it too went to local store said they did not think they were coming in might be in next week but only one or two as they only sell boxing day when reduced. Manager said they could be in on there b order next week. Basically what is happening

    • Exactly the same marketing scam at Morrison, the huge Tomahawk steak, one or two delivered to random stores, we have been mugged again!!!

  28. I saw that our Irresistible Cracking Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Dome was the winner of the dessert competition on the programme. Well done to everyone involved in its creation 🙂

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