In August 2017, Co-op Insurance turned 150 and we marked the occasion in style. As well as celebrating with colleagues from across the business, we wanted to bring the celebrations to our customers too. Making sure we reward loyalty, and customers and members who renew with us is an important part of our purpose of championing a better way of doing business for you and your communities. So reaching our 150 year milestone seemed the perfect opportunity to bring an extra special reward to our longest serving customer.

Meet Brenda

Brenda took out her first car insurance policy with Co-op Insurance in September 1953, meaning she has been a customer for a staggering 64 years. Our second longest serving customer has 56 years’ service so is still eight years behind Brenda.

Andrew Archibald, Head of Customer and Member Experience, and Ellis German from Communications went to surprise Brenda at her home, to talk to her about her time as a Co-op Insurance customer and present her with a bouquet of flowers to recognise her loyalty.

Brenda told Andrew and Ellis about her long standing relationship with the Co-op, which went right back through her family from her grandmother, who had a silver commemorative plaque for being a member of the Royal Arsenal Co-operative Society for 50 years – an item which Brenda still proudly owns. To her mother, who always bought food from the Co-op and her father who used to get measured up for suits in the days when there were tailors in Co-op stores.

Like her family before her, Brenda is a loyal customer of the Co-op and still shops at her local Food store. She was delighted to be visited and was incredibly proud to be awarded the accolade of ‘Longest Serving Customer’ saying:

Even as a child the Co-op was a big part of my life and I know my parents would have been thrilled to know that I have been recognised by a movement so dear to their hearts.

Her experience with Co-op Insurance has always been a positive one. Back in 1994 her car was stolen and the great customer service she received along with a quick resolution to her claim encouraged her to stay with us long term.

We hope Brenda continues to be a proud advocate of the Co-op for years to come.

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  1. I hope we rewarded Brenda with something other than that small bunch of flowers for her 64 years of loyalty, Surely a premium free year at the very least is in order?

    • Hi Stuart,
      This was posted on the Group page weeks back and did mention (if my memory serves me right) that Brenda was awarded £1,000 and she will be buying a lazy boy style electric armchair. Not sure why it’s not stated here…?

  2. My friend was with the Co-op insurance for everything from household to car insurance for over thirty years. When he queried his renewal and thought it was expensive, he shopped around and got it all for half the price from the Co-op. When he asked the Co-op if they could help match the costs , the lady was very unhelpful and didn’t make any attempt to keep a loyal customer. It just shows if you never query the costs you will get ripped off !

    • Don;t want to steer this wonderful story to the negative; but the issue here is insurance wide; it doesn’t just affect the Co-op Insurance. Insurance companies often undercut one another in order to get new sales in and I suspect they rarely charge the correct premium in the first year so they can attract new customers. Until this practice changes and loyalty is truly rewarded then it will continue. I never renew my policy with home or motor; I always get a new policy every year as new quotes cannot be beaten.

      • I agree with this, unfortunatly the way that the industry is it piles discounts onto new policies and once the discounts are removed after the first year the prices shoot up. We have to follow the rest of the industry with this because if we keep policies at the low prices we would actually make a loss.

    • Im sorry that your friend found the lady unhelpful but as an advisor working in home insurance the lady you speak of will not have had any way of changing the price. we offer the best price we can for renewal and the only way to reduce the price would be to alter the cover. unfortunetly it is industry wide that prices are often cheaper in the first year. its also unfortunate that as a new customer with ourselves the price can often be very different. the person on the other end of the phone has no say in this 🙁

  3. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy my time at the coop , so engaged with the community.

  4. Now that is a story for a Christmas ad if ever there was one….

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