We’ve had fantastic recognition in the press for our Christmas range. So if you’re still undecided on your festive fodder, here are just a few of our products which hCo-op Ready To Cook Turkey and the Trimmings - Pack Shotave caught the media’s eye.

Many of us will be tucking into our turkey on Christmas Day, but not everyone will have a big get-together with family and friends, so we’ve created our handy Co-op Ready to Cook Turkey and the Trimmings Box (£12). It’s received great reviews so far and it’s recently won a prestigious Quality Food Award!
Pigs in BlanketsNo traditional Christmas dinner is complete without ‘pigs in blankets’. Our very own Co-op Irresistible Cocktail Sausages Wrapped in Bacon 288g (£3.29, 2 for £6.00) we’re tested by Good Housekeeping Magazine and received a cracking review: “The inviting sweet aroma of these was a real crowd-pleaser. A dash of pepper in the sausage meat brings the flavours alive, working with the sweet smokiness in the bacon to create a moreish bite”.

If you’re planning to make your own, try our Co-op Irresistible Pork and Caramelised Onion Sausages 400G (£2.99 – 2 for £5) which won full marks in Best Magazine’s review – described as “Deliciously juicy with a slightly spicy kick. Full marks” and combine with our Co-op Irresistible British Traditional Dry Cured Unsmoked Back Bacon 230G (£2.99 – 2 for £5) – which scored 81% in the Which? ‘Best Buy Bacon’ review.
Irresistible Sweet Cured Silver Side Gammon with Spiced Orange and Honey Glaze

If you fancy a change from turkey this year, try our juicy Co-op Irresistible Sweet Cured Silver Side Gammon with Spiced Orange and Honey Glaze 750G (£8). Good Food Magazine judges agreed it deserved the winner’s crown and we beat ASDA and M&S (whose similar product cost £18 and £12.50!).

Butternut and Quinoa Roast with Apple and Plum GlazeAnd if you’re looking for a veggie option this year, our Co-op Irresistible Vegetarian Mushroom Wellington 423G (£4) is crammed with mushrooms and pine nuts, topped with a yummy cranberry sauce. Or as an alternative, give our Co-op Butternut and Quinoa Roast with Apple and Plum Glaze 500g (£3) a go – Women and Home Magazine described it as a “moist and flavoursome veggie option”.


iced-christmas-cake.jpgFor dessert (if you’ve still got the room), The Independent have called out our Co-op Fully Iced Christmas Cake 907G (£6) as one of their ’10 Best Christmas Cakes’. They said: “Hands-down, one of the most attractive cakes of the lot, this quality number has a soft pearl-like sheen and pop of colour from its red berry centrepiece”.



And finally, if you’re looking to add a little colour to your buffet table, liven it up with our Co-op Irresistible 12 French Macarons 125G (£4, or 3 for 2) – Good Food Magazine said: “These colourful, sweet bites bring a touch of elegance to a party. Light but full of flavour”.


We’re really proud of the range we have in store this Christmas.  We hope you’ll love it as much as we do and get the opportunity to sample as many of these yummy Christmas treats as possible. Then tell your friends and family just how great they really are.

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  1. ANd as for Co-Op Green Quarter in Manchester – waste of time – hardly any of the “cook at same temperature party food” – very disappointing.

  2. Chocolate Domegate is very amusing. It’s not the end of the world and I’m sure lessons will be learned.

  3. Ok so my partner wanted this some cake, it’s sold out.
    So me and the kids want to make a replica of it!
    I’ve searched the net for some form of description of the topping and what type of biscuit base it is but no one knows. I’m going for my own ideas now. But to give out a free recipe of the cake would be fab…. by Christmas Eve please. Ta

  4. We really have decorated ourselves in glory, a great mention on TV, only to let ourselves down. The marketplace is hard enough without missing the demand curve.

    Product team are recruiting – anyone interested?

  5. Whilst it’s understandable that “domegate” is causing frustration, I think we need to remember that some people don’t have 2 pennies to rub together and will be relying on food banks and charities to host some semblance of Christmas for their loved ones. Co-op got the demand wrong. They’ve admitted their mistake. What more do people want? If they’d have overestimated demand I’m sure the same naysayers would be criticising this also. Be thankful for what you have at Christmas; not what you don’t have and remember the spirit of Christmas.
    On a final note; I really don’t get the hype around this domecake anyway! Get a tub of marscapone, digestives, eggs, flour and sugar and bake a cheesecake.

    • Hear hear. If we are lucky enough to have friends and family around us and enough to eat, we are very privileged indeed.

    • Andrew, while most would agree with your sentiments that we should be thankful for what we have, our dedicated staff who deal with frustrated customers face to face can’t start to spout this sort of thing to them. Just think what a customers reaction would be if they were told that they need a morality check and told to ”Get a tub of marscapone, digestives, eggs, flour and sugar and bake a cheesecake”

      Here’s hoping that you and your loved ones have a peaceful and contented Christmas,

  6. Iceland are suffering the same issue with the Pavlova they have advertised on TV. No stock in store or online.

  7. We’re really sorry that people have not been able to get the smashing dome chocolate cheesecake. As you might appreciate, the amounts that are made and sent to stores are decided way back in the summer (based on loads of factors – including how well the ‘star’ dessert sold last year (if you recall, that was the one in the press and on the front of our magazines last year)). However, clearly we underestimated the demand for the dome this year. Production timescales mean that we can’t simply produce more at short notice (the same supplier is currently working on our Easter eggs now).
    Sorry if this leaves you disappointed, and the buying team are certainly going to take this demand into account for next year. ^Kevin

    • Whilst I understand the timescales relating to production and the decision on stock many months ago. Surely if you knew there would only be 3 or 4 cheesecakes per store it’s probably not a good idea to advertise the product on television. Or am i over simplifying here?

  8. You fail to mention the biggest hit from the Co-op (I wonder why) which is the Smashing Chocolate Orange Cheesecake Dome – everyone wants one – no-one can buy one. The shelves are bare. Great planning. Please tell me you’ve arranged massive lorry-loads to deliver them between now and Saturday!!!

  9. Great adverts . Great Christmas food magazine. Very disappointed to say have not been able to buy a smashing chocolate orange cheesecake dome. Local store only received a delivery of 4 this morning no more deliveries for this product planned. Very disappointed customer .

  10. Waste of time and effort. Tried purchasing chocolate bomb as seen on this morning. All local stores tried only 3 had allocations of 4 each all sold no more expected.

  11. Seems that we’re selling disappointment with the shortage of the Dome, which has resulted in a massive imbalance between demand and supply. Great food, but staff are having to fend off customers queries with uncomfortable apologies.

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