Illustration of colleagues

Throughout 2017, our store colleagues gave us thousands of fantastic ideas and suggestions, which led to hundreds of changes to help simplify the things they do everyday. Here are just a few highlights:

    • How do I? – our store colleagues had been telling us for a long time that they struggle to find the information they need, and that when they did find a policy or procedure it was often out of date, or duplicated in lots of different places. So we took all that feedback and worked together to create the new How do I? system. It’s now much quicker and simpler for store colleagues to find what they need, when they need it, and their feedback continues to shape the site.
    • Your store. Your say. – customers can now give their feedback about their shopping experience by completing an online survey on a personal device, at a time convenient to them. Our store colleagues now have a real-time view of how their customers find shopping in their store, so they can work together to make things better.
    • Simpler cash processes – our store colleagues told us there was too much cash paperwork to fill in everyday, so we simplified the process and reduced the number of documents. And with new till cups, they can now weigh coins at the end of each day, instead of manually counting everything out.
    • Wall planners – we produced some handy wall planners for events like Christmas and Easter, and after our stores told us how useful they found them, we created one for Summer filled with key dates and instructions, and space to plan out any extra jobs to make it a success.
    • Transport Execution Store Portal – having a view of when a delivery is due to arrive and being able to track the lorry on its route is something our store colleagues have been after for a long time. 2017 saw the Transport Execution System roll out, giving stores a live view of where their delivery is.

We’re all ears

We’ve got some really exciting things planned for 2018, including How do I? being available on personal devices, new Hand Held Terminals and colleague headsets, so stay tuned!

This year we want to hear more of your ideas and feedback on things we can make simpler in our stores. We’ve had great successes with our listening sessions and our first Hackathon, and we’re working hard to make sure we look at all the ideas we took away.

But if there’s something you don’t think adds any value, or if you think there’s a much simpler way of doing something, we want to know about it. Send your ideas through to