You can now access your payslip anytime, anywhere through the new MyHR app. You can find more information on our website.

The app is only available to download on Apple or Android devices and you’ll need to have logged on to MyHR through the website before using the app. If you have a different device you can still use the website to view your payslip online.

Now that 97% of colleagues have signed up for MyHR, Food stores where all the colleagues have a MyHR account, all Food depots and Funeralcare homes will no longer receive paper payslips. For all remaining Food stores, January payday will be their last paper payslip.

If you have any questions, please contact HR Services on 0330 606 1001 – select option 1  or email at

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  1. I can.t even get on to my hr ever since it was set up

    • Hi Claire Please ring our HR Services team on 0330 606 1001, they will be able to help you.

  2. the android app keeps asking me to enter my security pattern every few minutes, even when I’m not using it. Had to kill it.

  3. Easy to follow instructions and app works well on the iPad – good work…

  4. when do they become visible ,is it still the Wednesday before payday or earlier or later.

  5. Can anyone tell me what the App sign looks like as I cant find it ….

    • the App logo is on the colleague guide – guide to download and use MyHR app – which is on the co-op colleagues page.

  6. The next stop is developing an app for our insurance companies to use to access their policies and claims. Will drive down call volumes if customers have access to other platforms to access and manage their policies.

  7. David

    Still difficulties in viewing Payslip. system seems to be on overload or at fault

  8. Having been forced into providing an email address in order to be able to receive my payslip I now find that I am receiving emails about food and legal services. As with all unsolicited mail I find this totally unacceptable. I had no choice in providing an email address and now it is being abused. I have no wish to be notified there is 10p off baked beans – on a Coop salary I cannot afford to shop at the Coop even with staff discount.

    • Hi J Walsh,
      The emails you’ve been getting aren’t as a result of you giving you email addresses for MyHR. We will only ever use that for HR/benefits-related emails.

      Those emails are because you’re signed-up as a Co-op member. There should be a link on them to go in and change your contact preferences if you no longer want to get them. ^Laura

  9. A question for HR, when I open my payslip, it does not show my total salary like it used to show in the old myHR system, it shows the ytd salary paid but not the overall, will you be incorporating this into the new payslip layout?
    I recently made an application and I was asked to show the total salary I get which wasn’t showing on these new payslips, had to take one from September 2017 with me.

    • A Tif – thanks for your feedback on the payslip, we’ll be reviewing it. As an alternative if you need confirmation of salary this is detailed on the MyHR screens, if you need further info for an application then you can contact HR Services.

      • thank you Amanda, the name is Atif (without spaces)
        As for the payslip, this should have been a standard piece of information available on it from the outset instead of it requiring a review or work arounds that you mentioned. I’ll probably end up using them but could the process be expedited for this important addition to the payslips? Is there a current ETA on it?

  10. GREAT IDEA ! 🙂 🙂

  11. What code do I put in? It is asking me for a code? I have no code

  12. I think it is a great idea, however, when I try to save my log in details, the app will not allow it. I appreciate that it is no doubt a security feature but my bank and other financial apps allow me to save log ins. 🙁

    • Create a shortcut add to desktop or phone screen that’s what I did 😁😁

    • D – you won’t be able to save your login details on the app, for security reasons it will ask you to login in each time

      • Agreed, although as mentioned, my bank and other financial institutions allow me to save my details, far more damage could be done if a scallywag accessed those sites, on Coop, there is little to change or be paranoid about 🙂

  13. Firstly can I say well done for making the move to newer technology than we previous had and for taking on the mission of going digital and mobile……but

    I think the mobile application offered with a brand new (expensive) HR upgrade is very poor. The mobile app is clunky, slow and isn’t at all built on modern mobile technology.

    As a business are we really happy with the offering from Oracle (a billion pound software company).

    I welcome the upgrade but still can’t help thinking we’re still behind many blue chip companies with HR technology and colleague digital services. Many of Oracles competitors have much better offerings.

  14. GI colleagues should be able to access their rota away from work.
    It is so inconvenient having to call the contact centre to find out what shift we’re on. We used to be able to print our rota off, but now we have had our printer access revoked, it’s just annoying.
    Is there a way rotas can be incorportated into something on this my HR app?

    • Anon – Thanks for your suggestion, we’ve currently no plans to link the rota system in to MyHR, but possibly something for the future.

  15. What’s the URL you put in your mobile’s browser to access the site and do you have to be logged into that all the time for the app to work or is it just the first time. Also how do I search for and download the app from the App Store? Sorry if these instructions are online but couldn’t see them in the link provided.

  16. Why were Insurance colleagues the guinea pigs for MyHR but are now not being given access to the app? When can we expect to be able to use this please?

    • Same reason we are the only people left in CIS Tower from the group – second class colleagues……

      • It’s an insurance tower and your insurance?

      • Never understood that – there’s a bunch of free floor space at 1AS, don’t see why you’re still over at CIS.

        @ Dave – they’re still part of Group.

    • Eram – the Insurance business are looking at how Insurance colleagues can enjoy the benefits of the MyHR app, we’re hoping this will happen soon

  17. I found them extremely helpful, all you need to do is ring HR on 0330 606 1001 and press option 1, and then 1 again.

    Please ensure you press option 1, and then 1 for any issues with the app.

  18. I added this to my phone last night, all I will say is if you’re not “tech savvy” you may need a little bit of help as its not the most user friendly process to initially set up. other than that, spot on

  19. Will this include all payslips or is it limited to current only or only payslips since this service started? (i.e is historical data accessable for example if you needed a years worth or want to check what it was 6 months ago?)

    • You’ll be able to see payslips from when we went live. If you received an online payslip before we went live with the new system you’ll be able to access the previous system to see your historic payslips.

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