Right now we’re looking for people to join our Co-op Members’ Council, to have a say in the way we run the Co-op. It’s a really exciting opportunity as the Council gets involved in all parts of Co-op life and has a responsibility to:

  • Work with the Board and senior managers to make sure members’ interests are represented
  • Make sure that we’re staying true to our values and principles
  • Be a strong advocate for the Co-op in the outside world – shout loudly and proudly about our achievements, work with the local community and make connections

The Council’s been involved in some really big things lately – it helped develop our new membership which returned £70m to members and £20m to good causes, and helped bring the Co-op to communities through 20 events across the country.

There are 100 people on the Council and they come from all walks of life. They include members, colleague members and members from other co-operative societies. Once elected they serve for three years.

Interested in standing as a colleague member?

To stand for election, you need to be a member and have joined before 5 January 2015. You also need to have earned 1,000 membership points between 1 Jan 2017 and 6 Jan 2018 (equivalent to spending just £20 a week in Co-op Food stores).

You have until midday on 16 February to apply for a colleague seat in one of these constituencies:

  • North West
  • Cymru/Wales
  • South East
  • South West
  • Yorkshire and the Humber
  • Isle of Man

You can find more information and apply at www.co-operative.coop/councilelection or read Council president Nick Crofts’ blog post about the latest meeting.

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  1. Worked and still working for the Co-op for ten years, would have LOVED to do this, and applied eagerly, but today was told I just hadn’t spent enough, the 1000 points total is too high especially as we only get points on own brand [ I try but I do use normal brands, coffee for my machine, chocolate etc,] and I make a special 5 mile trip to support my ‘ local ‘ co-op food, my nearest co-op is Southern Co-op 1 mile away. To add insult to injury my proper co-op was closed for refurbishment for over 3 weeks and when it opened up again the lovely big Co-op food shop now is half the size, to allow room for a massive fridge out the back, the items on offer were reduced to almost corner shop stock , no more lovely fresh deli, restricted choice of food items. I am really sad now, not a good way to start off a Friday!

    • Sorry to hear that Jacki. The 1,000 points is about £20 a week, so the limit’s there to make sure that people on the Council are regular shoppers. But I get your frustration – it’s not that easy when your store’s refurbished and comes back smaller. I really hope you get a chance to apply next year.

    • The 1000 points total can be made up of spend in all our businesses and is not just on own brand products. Trade with Food, Electrical, Funerals, Legal Services, GI (and Bank) all contribute to the 1000 points total required to be on the Co-op Members Council.

      It’s only the 5% and 1% that is earned on own brand products only.

  2. I got am email about this but I am not part of any area listed as I am in northern Ireland so how would I even apply if its not on offer over the water!

  3. Work with the Board and senior managers to make sure members’ interests are represented – but not in terms of decisions like NOMA

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