We’ve had another amazing year at the Co-op and to continue being successful, we know that we need to keep listening to our colleagues, and making sure you’re being recognised in the right way.

We know you loved the payday double discounts and saw these as a great colleague benefit, so I’m delighted to say that we’re bringing them back with a Co-op difference!

This time, you’ll get two days of double discount (the Friday and Saturday after payday) on all Co-op branded products in store (20%), plus a selection of electrical and bed purchases (10%) where we don’t do own brand products. You’ll still get 10% discount on branded products all year round too.

Introducing double discount on Co-op branded products supports our Membership offer, and if you’re a colleague member, it’s an even better benefit for you, as you’ll also get 5% back on own brand purchases and 1% for your local cause.

We’ve also spent the last few years developing a range of multi award winning Co-op products, so we hope that double discount will encourage you to try more of them and see for yourself how amazing they are. We hope you’ll recommend them to your friends and family too!

Your first double discount date

The first double discount will be on Fri 26 /Sat 27 January – slightly after the first 2018 payday, so we have time to tell all our colleagues about it. From February, they’ll run every Friday and Saturday after the Thursday payday.

There’ll also be extra dates at Easter (30/31 March) and Christmas (we’ll confirm these nearer the time).

I hope you’ll agree that the new double discount is a great colleague benefit, and I really hope you enjoy using it.

Jo Whitfield
Co-op Food CEO

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  1. Fantastic news. With the majority of our fresh products coop brand this will make a significant difference to our 5% & 1%. Thank you for listening .

  2. Recently I have tried co op brands and thought they are very good quality, so will definitely be buying on double discount weekend 🙂

  3. Great news – really don’t know why you’d bother buying branded anyway, our stuff is so good! Suppose unless we simply don’t stock a product you may need to buy branded.

    I get all own brand spirits, veg, fruit, eggs, bread, drinks, etc so works for me!! Thank you!!!!

  4. I’m very glad to hear this; restricting the 20% discount to the Group’s own produce should increase the 1% community paybacks significantly.

    The only drawback is that a lot of Co-op Food stores in Bristol are very small and don’t sell a very big range of own brand products.

  5. Chicken and Leek Gratin ….with double discount ………..:( our shop dont sell it anymore………………. oh no !!!!!

  6. This is great ok not perfect but the majority of own brand products I have tried have never disappointed. Like others I like to by other branded goods and I will have to shop else where to make my money work for me. (Just because I work for co-op doesn’t mean I have to buy there if I can get cheaper..) However I’m pretty sure this will encourage me to try our brand more. (Ps not chocolate though Sorry I just don’t like ours !!)

  7. no double discount on my veuve cliquot champagne anymore. 🙁

    • Hi Michelle. Did you know that Co-op’s Les Pionniers £16.99 champagne won awards this year alongside Dom Perignon and Cristal? I prefer it myself 🙂 Thanks ^Rachel

  8. I am glad they are recognising the hard working staff,but must comment on the date of the double discount at Christmas far too late to shop. Very reluctant to start buying saving stamps.

  9. if the company was to give 50% off some people still would not be happy , so for all the people that don’t like it and always moan the door is always there so leave and find some other company to work for

    • The Co-op compares well as an employer but whoever I worked for I’d prefer to go in on my feet than my knees!

  10. This is great news,lots of other positives coming out of co-op food at the moment.
    Embrace the change because it’s all going in the right direction.

  11. Bit of a double edged sword this one. Superb news the return of payday double discount, I have actively been shopping with co op own brand and have found the quality, in the main excellent, Shame about the Easter and Christmas change. I usually do a bigger shop for the celebration weekends, and in the main we but branded goods, bottles of Coke and Alcohol etc which it appears, wont be included in the seasonal Double discounts. so give with one hand and take (a bit) back with the other. I imagine that I like quite a few colleagues will be shopping at other stores for the Christmas and easter binges.
    I honestly appreciate the gesture, but understand some of the comments below.

  12. Fantastic news. Even bigger excuse to buy some quality Co-op products.

  13. This is great news , and well done coop for bringing back double discount , with the added 5% membership on top (effectively 25% off) it is not difficult to work out that if you utilise DD every payday weekend on our fabulous products for a monthly shop you will have a fair bit of money in your membership wallet to spend on any product at Xmas plus you would have supported British farmers ! This is a no brainier as far as I’m concerned. Well Done for showing you listened .

  14. Wonderful news. I see everyone living the four ways of being, (Not)
    Well done everyone Happy Wednesday. And Thank you Coop I will continue to shop in your stores and benefit from your own brand products they are delicious.

  15. brilliant.

  16. Can we start doing own brand baby milk? I’m going through so much at the moment!

  17. This is great news, we are very lucky to get what we get. What the moaners don’t seem to realise is, that we also have to accept that the business has got to run. Without which, we wouldn’t have a job in the first place, anything above that should be seen for the gift it is.
    Talk about gratitude!

    • what you don’t seem to realise is they have taken a benefit away from us then gave us only half of it back and you expect us to show gratitude 🤨

      • Spot on Kirsty. It’s an age old tactic. Take away a benefit and then restore part of it and everyone is overjoyed.
        I said in my original post that most of my shop is own brand and my 5% added up to over £100 at Christmas so I won’t take any lectures about supporting our own products.
        My argument is that it’s a lesser benefit than the original DD.
        The other point is, as in the original decision to stop DD, the Member’s Council appear to have been bypassed once again.
        The new DD is very welcome but let’s not think it’s on a par with the original scheme. It , very obviously, isn’t.

        • Bill,

          The Members Council isn’t really involved in business level decision making. I guess it could suggest ideas and initiatives, but it doesn’t have any input that I can see into the decision making process for things like this.
          The MC operates with broader brush strokes than you are suggesting – if that is good or bad is up to individuals to decide!

  18. Great news double discount back . Thankyou . Co op all the way

  19. That’s great DD is back. i think at easter & christmas DD should be on all brands not just our own

  20. I think it’s a great idea,great way towards the true north where they want us to get our own brand products to ,I can’t remember the % ,and the products are good quality.in regards to the staff membership payment,maybe when we start paying our members there divi,which was predicted in 2018, we will get one be patient.

  21. A great way to encourage trial of our fantastic, award-winning own label range.. I’ll certainly be taking the monthly opportunity to stock up on some of our Irresistible wines & spirits!!

  22. I knew this would have plenty of whiny comments! I bet those who are disgruntled still haven’t forgiven Co-op because they couldn’t get the Chocolate Dome Cheesecake at Christmas…!!!! 😉
    Seriously though, this is a great offer and we should be thankful we are getting rewards like this. We can’t keep comparing current rewards to rewards of old. Yes, I loved my £500 annual summer staff membership bonus. Do I miss it? Yes! Did I think I particularly deserved it? No!
    I know plenty of people that get naff all where they work, along with poor sick pay and rubbish holiday benefit to boot. We don’t know how good we have it here.
    This current DD offer is very welcome. Thank you.

    • Posting constructive comments isn’t whining it’s letting the executive know what we actually think.
      If we let giving with one hand and taking with the other go unchallenged we are confirming we’ll just be grateful for the crumbs that are thrown our way!

      • @Bill Watson; of course, but we are not being given “crumbs”. It’s an alternative offer that to me is on a par with what we’ve had in the past. When all our staff benefits have been withdrawn and we’re genuinely given “crumbs” then I will understand people taking umbrage…

        • Tbh I was more than happy with my company benefits.. double discounts and summer bonus which in fairness is small compared to what a lot of other companies give their employees but after 10yrs with this company all I’ve seen is our benefits continuously being stripped! Offering us double discount but only on the products they want to us to buy is not a great offer 🤨

        • Yes, I agree the reinstatement of the monthly DD is a positive benefit but it’s certainly not on a par with what we had, previously, and that’s why there have been some negative comments.
          Surely it should not have been beyond the wit of the executive to realise that to include just the three existing dates as all range DD dates would have been very well received.
          Maybe that’s the price we pay for not being a member led Co-operative!

        • That’s the point bill is making they keep taking away small parts at a time then replace with a slightly smaller thing and people think it’s ok we got something back all that’s happening is they are slowly but surely eradicating all the benefits we have while they still get their bonuses and all the perks they originally had

    • I think that’s a matter of opinion when u say do I think I deserved staff bonus? No! Well I’m not sure about the store u work at but in the store I work at I would say we all deserved it as we work very hard every day we are in as well as been understaffed and under pressure so I would say yes we do deserve the bonus and it’s recognition to the employees. Yes we might have it good compared to others but speaking for myself that has been working for co-op for 10 plus years l have noticed that it’s def not the same as it used to be and the pay isn’t great compared to other retailers, we have had no wage increase in October, Why? Well the government is putting minimum wage up again in April so looks like we will be waiting till then

      • Sorry this was the reply to Andrew C comment.

        • Hi Emma, I was talking about the old staff membership divi payment we used to get, just for having a staff membership card; regardless of whether we used it to shop at Co-op or not. I wasn’t referring to our AIP yearly bonus based on hard work and effort.
          I guess some people just look at things differently; myself I’m a half glass full kinda guy. I look at what’s just happened at Carillion and Monarch this year and then think about zero hour contracts and the way workers for Just Eat and Uber are treated and ponder to myself that we’re not treated too shabbily in comparison!
          My mantra in life is to not sweat the small stuff. This is small stuff. If not getting DD on Cadbury’s Easter eggs is a big deal to some folk well OK then! No judgement! 😉

  23. I think this is a great move. Yes there will be colleagues disappointed to not gain the benefit on branded lines but all I’d say to those colleagues is give co-op brand a try – you might actually like it! co-op products are consistently proven to be as good or better than the brand leader – lets all show some brand loyalty and everyone wins

  24. Hi

    When it comes to FTG and frozen meal deal, how will this work? As both deals contain coop branded products, admittedly the FTG of course has the choice to go all coop brand, but we have a limited selection of drinks.

    • Hi Tom. Double discount does apply to meal deals. The own brand and branded discounts will be applied to the amount after the meal deal savings. Hope this helps. Thanks ^Rachel

  25. Nice to see it return and it makes sense that it incentivises Co-op products. The full DD would be nice to see on the previous three dates (Xmas, Easter & Summer) though 🙂

  26. Great news! Shame about the moaners – but you can’t please everyone!

  27. The majority of my purchases are own brand but, nevertheless, I think it’s very shortsighted (and mean spirited) to exclude branded items from DD at the Easter and Christmas dates.

  28. So this means that at Easter time we won’t get double discount on say ‘cadbury’ Easter eggs because they aren’t coops own brand?

    Bit of a joke taking our pay day double discount off us then acting like your doing us a favour in giving us it back but only on Coop branded items so Easter and Christmas time we don’t get our normal double discount in more luxury items and gifts! What a way to get your staff to shop elsewhere 🙄

    Bring back proper double discount every pay weekend like we used to get and our summer bonus you took from us as well and you might start gaining a bit more staff loyalty! Getting back 5% membership points and 10% off all purchases is not good enough… everyone gets 5% memebership points and anyone under the age of 25 with a young Scots card gets the same discount as us or any student!

    • Hi Kirsty Dolderson. Yes it does mean that we won’t get double discount on ‘cadbury’ easter eggs but we’ll get 20% off every month on our own brand products, many of which are award-winning. We’ll also be giving back to the community through our 1% if we buy own-brand. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Thanks for clarifying I’ll continue to do my shopping elsewhere 🙄🙄

        • You still get your 10% on branded products, and from experience most of our pricing on branded Easter eggs is similar/just a little but more to elsewhere so in real terms unless you live closer to a competitor than a Coop you’re probably not saving much on your Easter eggs.

          Also Co-op Easter eggs are far superior to any of the branded ones.

        • Why do you continue to work for the Co-op?

    • I was under the impression nothing had been communicated about the annual bonus yet? Doesn’t it usually get communicated in late Jan/early Feb and then given to us around April/May?

    • Do you have another type of Co-op? we have Southern Co-op which has never stopped its payday double discount for staff on everything, they have a different payday to us, a week behind and stock all our great lines, there are so many non Manchester HQ co-ops, worth checking, at least then we are still supporting the Co-op ethos that way. 20% off then brings the prices down to match Aldi, Lidl so I can afford to be loyal and support Co-op.

      • I work for a Coop food store in Scotland so dont know if things are different down south but no we lost our pay day double discount well over a year ago and our July bonuses a good few years ago!

    • My point precisely, dressing up a negative as a positive doesn’t automatically make it one. Do some basic math on the things you actually buy, or would like to buy based on the breadth of the own brand range.

      The principal of giving discount to staff who are largely paid below market reference for their role should be that it’s all about recognition, not about seeing staff as a money spinner.

      If the businesses P&L is so fragile as to be dependent on not giving an extra 10% on branded product purchases, by a few thousand people 3 times a year, then it gives me real concern for the stability of the business! This feels like an unnecessary added step too far in what would otherwise have been a great colleague engagmeent builder. Could have left the Christmas and easter ones as all products, but chose not to, for simplicity of operation and to avoid the need to change the discount perameters for those events I expect.

      Some of the responses and comments, to people who’ve applied some math to the offerring, appear to along the Momentum lines of shout anyone down who dares to think independently. Some are outright innapropriate and unnacceptable and I’m amazed they got through the moderaters.

    • Co-op Easter Eggs are lovely! Give them a try – Co-op chocolate is really nice.

      • I’m sure they are I was only using ‘cadbury’ brand as an example to clarify that if we wouldn’t be getting double discount on these items at Easter time 🙄

    • agreed!

  29. Some people are never happy unless they are moaning about something I think it’s a great think double discount own brands. Thank you 👍

  30. great news just need to bring our bonus money back

  31. that’s co-op wine being stocked every month 🙂

  32. Great news, however you’ve sent me in a spin as I’m pretty sure payday for coop food is the 18th January???

    • Hi Jayne Hall. As Jo says: “The first double discount will be on Fri 26 /Sat 27 January – slightly after the first 2018 payday, so we have time to tell all our colleagues about it”. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Serves me right for not reading the message clearly. Still as I buy alot of coop branded food this is a very welcome bonus. Thanks.

  33. It’s great news, and a great start for 2018. It has been missed. Ok so it is only Coop brand products, so it is different from what it used to be, that may cause confusion for colleagues.
    Personally, well done, we have a lot of great quality own brand products, so will be stocking up next week.

  34. Hi does this include retired colleagues

  35. Great news this is back and with Coop own brand products being better than ever at the minute, this couldnt have come at a better time
    I shall be stocking up on the items i love

  36. This is great only although I’ve worked for this company for 11 years and still do, you decided to cancel my staff membership in November and haven’t yet replaced it !!!! I have made calls and sent emails – apparently I’m on “The List” and someone will get round to it at some point.

    • Hi Amanda Sales. There must be some confusion as your card can’t just get cancelled unless you leave the business. I’d phone the membership contact centre again on 0800 023 4708 and ask them to send you a new card. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Hi Rachel, I’ve phoned Membership in December it was them that told me about “The List” and that by mistake “100’s maybe 1000’s of staff members cards had been mistakenly cancelled” and its just a matter of waiting for a replacement !!!

  37. this is good news and makes me feel.appreciated for what we work collegues do for the company

  38. So if I buy the same products next Christmas that I did last Christmas, I’m going to be worse off? Or will the Christmas and Easter discounts be all brands?

    • Hi Steve. If you bought only own-brand products last Christmas you won’t be worse off. But Christmas and Easter discounts won’t be on all brands. The great thing is we get 20% off every month on own-brand. Thanks ^Rachel

  39. Does this apply to colleagues who work at the Co-op academies when pay dates may be different? Could there be a list of the actual dates as there is for January so we could benefit too if we know the dates if our pay date differs? Thanks 😊

    • Hi Ruth Hopkins. It does. I’ve checked with the Co-op Academies Trust and although Co-op academy pay dates are different, you still get the double discount. The first double discount will be on Fri 26 /Sat 27 January – slightly after the first 2018 payday, so we have time to tell all our colleagues about it. From February, they’ll run every Friday and Saturday after the Thursday payday (which is every four weeks for Co-op group colleagues). To find out when the pay dates are, check out coop.co.uk/colleagues. Thanks ^Rachel

  40. So does this now mean that the 20% on all goods 3 times per year has now ended?

  41. Great news !!!

  42. Great news and good to see colleague feedback has been responded to. Thank you!

    Although a shame that it doesn’t apply to branded products, it actually makes more sense than the previous scheme as it ties in better to the membership campaign (which rewards members and their communities for buying own-brand).

  43. Wow 😁 fantastic news that I’m confident will be well received! With the majority of fresh foods being own brand & the fantastic development of our irresistible range this makes shopping at the Coop even better… 👏👍

  44. for those looking for a better snooze the Bed portal is

  45. I’m not sure this communication is 100% clear. I’m curious about what’s not said, maybe more than what has been. I thought we were aiming for open and transparent communications nowadays.

    Please can it be clarified what this means in relation to the previous double discount approach, where double discount has applied to all products in store, branded and own brand, at a small number of special seasonal events.

    The reason the double discount was so valuable to colleagues wasn’t just for the purchase of basics, it was also for purchasing such as gifts where branded products might be more suitable to the person being bought for, or where own brand product equivalents just aren’t in the range.

    Will the own brand only double discount now be applied to every double discount event all year round?

    I can guess at the reason for making this change with reasonable confidence, but I can feedback personally that it’s short sighted. It will drive me to other shops for lots of items where prices will now become more competitive with the loss of the 20% discount, certainly for most purchases around Easter or Christmas, and that will probably be a net loss for Coop as 90% of nothing spent is still £0:00.

    • It couldn’t be any clearer. What gifts are you missing out on? Moaning for the sake of it

    • Southern Co-op have never stopped the 20% payday discount on everything, they accept our staff members card, they are always paid the week after us, but I cant speak for other Co-ops, there are so many in different areas, worth asking though?

  46. Fantastic News! I find my trolley is usually full of our fantastic own brand products more than ever, so this a welcome addition to our growing benefits package 🙂

  47. This is great news!

    1) What do I need to bring to the stores to prove that I am a Coop colleague?
    2) Is the double discount offered in all Coop stores (Group and independents)?

  48. How lovely, at the moment I use Co-op Southern who have never stopped staff payday double discount, and accept our staff membership cards, but it seems disloyal somehow, so its great news I can now buy my Co-op Gin and co-op tonic [ less calories than wine ] at our proper Co-op.
    Good decision!

  49. Fantastic News !

  50. This is absolutely brilliant news. Thank you 🖒

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