We’ve had another amazing year at the Co-op and to continue being successful, we know that we need to keep listening to our colleagues, and making sure you’re being recognised in the right way.

We know you loved the payday double discounts and saw these as a great colleague benefit, so I’m delighted to say that we’re bringing them back with a Co-op difference!

This time, you’ll get two days of double discount (the Friday and Saturday after payday) on all Co-op branded products in store (20%), plus a selection of electrical and bed purchases (10%) where we don’t do own brand products. You’ll still get 10% discount on branded products all year round too.

Introducing double discount on Co-op branded products supports our Membership offer, and if you’re a colleague member, it’s an even better benefit for you, as you’ll also get 5% back on own brand purchases and 1% for your local cause.

We’ve also spent the last few years developing a range of multi award winning Co-op products, so we hope that double discount will encourage you to try more of them and see for yourself how amazing they are. We hope you’ll recommend them to your friends and family too!

Your first double discount date

The first double discount will be on Fri 26 /Sat 27 January – slightly after the first 2018 payday, so we have time to tell all our colleagues about it. From February, they’ll run every Friday and Saturday after the Thursday payday.

There’ll also be extra dates at Easter (30/31 March) and Christmas (we’ll confirm these nearer the time).

I hope you’ll agree that the new double discount is a great colleague benefit, and I really hope you enjoy using it.

Jo Whitfield
Co-op Food CEO

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  1. The notification at the start of this page explains we’ve had an amazing and successful year!!! Why not double discount on all products as before?

  2. Hi As a retired colleague I do not know when payday is as the pension dates are different. Is it possible for there to be a list of the dates please?

    • Hi Denise. Here are the next six months of double discount days:

      16 and 17 Feb
      16 and 17 March
      13 and 14 April
      11 and 12 May
      8 and 9 June
      6 and 7 July

      Hope that helps. Thanks ^Rachel

  3. I was told in store that this also applied to NUS Discount cardholders, is this correct?

  4. Why not trial making this available all the time and see what effect it has. I am pretty sure more coop employees would use the local coop stores.

  5. I think you need to state that this offer only relates to Group staff, no longer Bank, as I had to fing out when I produced my membership card at the local Co-op ?

  6. Can you tell me can we still get discount at Co-op travel?

    • Hi David. No, we sold Co-op travel in Dec 2016 to Thomas Cook. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Although we no longer have a travel division, Midcounties Co-op do and you can book online. They offer good discounts and you also get divi points (you can join online before booking) which can be redeemed in Group stores.
        Midcounties also operate Co-op Energy so it’s well worth getting a swap quote for your gas and electricity


  7. What does this mean for co-op electrical, does this mean that we will only ever get 5% on their website?

    • Hi Mark. As the blog post says we’ll get 10% off a selection of electrical and bed purchases where we don’t do own brand products when it’s double discount. And we’ll get 5% off all-year round but there’ll always be member offers as Electrical doesn’t do 5% and 1%. Thanks ^Rachel

  8. Could you please let me know all the double discounts dates because as a pensioner I don’t get informed and my pension payments don’t coincide with staff paydates.

  9. Well happy with this most of my shopping is own brand so once a month I can save 20% plus my 5% back equals 25% not bad at all thankyou very much

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