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We need your nominations! We’re on the hunt for those brilliant colleagues who spread a little Co-op magic wherever they go.

There are 12 award categories for our first ever Co-op-wide Thank you for Being Co-op awards 2018. Find out more about them in this information pack.

We want to thank those special colleagues for bringing Being Co-op to life and recognise their achievements.

No matter where you work, or what you do, you can nominate your colleagues for living the Ways of Being Co-op. So get going!

When do nominations open and close?

Nominations are open from today (22 January 2018) to midnight on 2 March 2018.

What will the winners get?

  • A unique Co-op experience – each winner will have the opportunity to work with us to create a special experience that only our Co-op can offer. This could be anything from a five star chef cooking a meal in the family home to visiting one of our suppliers abroad. Whatever floats your boat! These experiences will take place between May and September 2018.
  • Special AGM invite – you’ll be invited as a special guest to our AGM on Saturday 19 May 2018 where we’ll be celebrating our award winners.
  • Afternoon tea – a celebratory afternoon tea will be held on the day of the AGM for those award winners who’d like to attend.

For more information on the awards, and to nominate a colleague, visit

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  1. Hi

    I have tried to submit an application but it timed out after sending, can this be fixed, given a few of us have experienced this. It said no activity after 90 mins but I was only working for less than 20 mins?


  2. 3 times I have tried to nominate each time when submitting error on page message

  3. Great idea. I do think however that HR / Leadership / Managers do not use the internal recognition mechanisms already in place to say thank you enough. Specifically, in the last year I can’t remember where this has been highlighted to people across the business to ensure that recognition is embedded in our culture on a smaller scale as well as these bigger gestures.

    In case there are a few others out there like me, remember there is the Co-op Simply thank you page which allows you to send small “thank you” cards and/or chocolates / gifts / vouchers when you want to recognise someone who has gone the extra mile in Being Co-op. Link below.

  4. Hi, I have tried to make a nomination but it is not working. Can you see if it has gone through. Thanks

  5. Ive just pressed submit and the following message appeared:
    Page Not Found

    The page you are looking for has either been removed or no longer exits. Please re-type the URL.

  6. OMG. spent 30 mins filling it out to get ;

    Page Not Found
    The page you are looking for has either been removed or no longer exits. Please re-type the URL.


  7. Hello, when submitting my nomination form this page appeared:

    “Thank you for Being Co-op awards
    Page Not Found
    The page you are looking for has either been removed or no longer exits. Please re-type the URL.”

    I am unsure whether my nomination has been submitted or not.

  8. Good move! I reckon we’ll get some great examples of what colleagues do to go the extra mile.

  9. I adore this idea it’s created a massive buzz can’t wzit to see the faces of those nominated and our winners !

  10. I’m trying to submit a nomination but it’s not working. Help!

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