Today we’ve announced a £50m price investment to cut the cost of everyday food.

Some products have been lowered in price by over 40% and, on average, more than 600 products now cost 14%* less.

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Co-op fruit, vegetables, bread, fresh meat and ready meals, as well as household brand names have been trimmed, helping our customers save almost £120 a year on their food bills**.

Over 50 varieties of fruit, vegetables and salad items*** are cheaper. Fairtrade bananas are down 16p to 79p, a whole cucumber has been chopped down 18% in price to 45p, baby plum tomatoes cost 77p – down 22p – and a lettuce is 15% cheaper.

Ready meals and pizzas have been sliced in price. A cheese and tomato pizza has dropped almost a third to 55p while 29 of our Co-op ready meals cost almost 25% less. These include Co-op Sweet And Sour Chicken With Egg Fried Rice and Co-op Chicken Korma And Pilau Rice, which can be bought for £2.75 each, down from £3.59****.

Jo Whitfield, Co-op Food CEO, said:

“Many shoppers feel the pinch after Christmas and we are committed to offering our customers value for money and cutting prices to make household budgets go further.

We are the most visited food retailer on the high street but competition is tight and we want to keep attracting shoppers through the door. Big discounts across fresh food makes it easier for customers to shop healthier as well as fill their cupboards and these price cuts are part of our strategy to make Co-op the UK’s number one convenience retailer.

We have the ambition for our stores to be at the heart of local life, bringing communities together and offering our members and customers great quality products when and where they need them.”

We’re the only major supermarket to sell 100% fresh British beef, lamb, chicken and pork and use only British meat in our chilled products, from ready-meals to sandwiches and pork pies*****. British produced goods are among those with big savings on price, including beef mince down 50p to £1.89, honey roast ham down from £2 to £1.59 and bacon trimmed by 30p to £2.09.

To help make sure our customers know about this great news, we’re supporting the investment with a marketing campaign including TV, print, radio and digital advertising.

Our new TV ad will be launching on Channel 4 tonight at around 9.30pm in the ad break of ‘Kiri’. Check it out here:

NOTE FOR OUR STORE COLLEAGUES: We know you can’t watch videos in store, but if you visit this site ( or on your personal device you can watch them there.

Here’s a transcript of the TV advert: Price Cuts TV Ad Transcript


*The average price cut of 14% is the average across all 640 products included in the price investment
1 product has a 50% price cut
8 products have a price cut of 40% or more
45 products with price cut of 30% or more
152 products with price cut of 20% or more

**Based on purchasing each of the following items each week, Co-op shoppers could save £119 a year
Warburtons Toastie Loaf – 40p saving. WAS £1.45 NOW £1.05
Co-op British Medium Free Range Eggs 6s. 4p saving WAS £0.99 NOW £0.95
Co-op British Mince Beef – 50p saving WAS £2.39 NOW £1.89
Co-op British Chicken Breast Fillets – 20p saving WAS £3.79 NOW £3.59
McCain Straight Cut Home Chips 900g – 34p saving. WAS £2.29 NOW £1.95
Co-op FT Bananas – 16p saving WAS 95p NOW 79p
Co-op British Honey Roast Ham – 41p saving WAS £2.00 NOW £1.59
Co-op Mixed Peppers 3s – 24p saving WAS £1.19 NOW £0.95

***Co-op Fairtrade bananas WAS 95p NOW 79p, Co-op whole cucumber WAS 55p NOW 45p, 250g baby plum tomatoes WAS 99p NOW 77p, Iceberg Lettuce WAS 54p NOW 46p.

****6.5 inch 104g Cheese and Tomato Pizza WAS 79 NOW 55p, Co-op Sweet And Sour Chicken With Egg Fried Rice 450G and Co-op Chicken Korma And Pilau Rice 450G  WAS £3.59 NOW £2.75

*****Excludes continental meats

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  1. Great headline. Nice copywriting!

  2. The Co-op white & brown bread that was launched at 74p is now 89p however

    • This is incorrect. The Co-op 800g range is priced at 69p, not 89p.

      • I checked with the pricing team and they’ve confirmed:
        Co-op own brand bread has been reduced from £0.89 to £0.69 as part of the investment.

  3. This is brilliant good news story and something we should be shouting about. Especially at a time when we are regularly seeing the cost of living is increasing!

  4. No reductions on treacle though .

  5. This is great news! Really puts us out there with our competitors, some of these prices are cheaper than Aldi, well done Coop, this means my basket is going to be even fuller from now on 🙂

  6. while it gives a good message, and we spin like a political party

    the general view was that a customer would pay c 15% more max for an item compared to a shed – and on some lines we have been adrift – that said promotional activity we are generally in line or ahead of the market – we just punished customers for staples they bought.

    so I never bought bread from Co-op as £1.45 was, frankly, an insult for a warbies when a quid everywhere else – but I bought one from Coop yesterday

    I do note in store that a number of prices/promotions have gone up – be interesting to see a balanced piece.

    Cheese is now 2 for £3:30 10% up (although my local hasn’t changed POS yet and in my other local, one line is still at 2 for £3.

    500ml coke is now £2 for 2.20 another 10%

    • Compared to a shed?

    • Great to hear you’re now buying your Warbies loaf from your local Co-op! I shared your comments with our pricing team and they said:
      Being a convenience retailer you do pay a little more than in the larger supermarkets but we’re committed in helping customers save on their weekly shop. The cheese and coke prices you mention are promotions rather than base prices. We have 2,500 stores in the heart of local life and these price cuts bring us in line with our convenience competitors. In addition Co-op Members receive 5% on all Co-op own brand purchases and 1% into the community fund. This is a huge investment for Co-op and we’ll continue to work hard to keep our prices competitive and keep reducing prices.

  7. What a great start to 2018, just when people are feeling the post Christmas pinch and need it most. Well done indeed, keep up the good work.

  8. Seen this all before on numerous occasions, I’ll give it 2 months before it’s quietly forgotten about and never to be spoken of again, just like the last time!

  9. Wonderful news, keep this up, we need to compete! In Wellington we have a Co-op Food and a Waitrose, which is cheaper than us and you get a free coffee, the oldies of Wellington love it, yes I was surprized as well!

    • I have to say that I am often puzzled by the target market of Coop – I don’t have a Coop near me, however, looking at the prices detailed in this piece, I must say that after a quick Google, Waitrose (Who are considered expensive despite their price promise) are actually lower priced than the Coop – Reviewing Coop locations, they appear to be in areas not well know for their affluence.

      • I agree with your comments re. price and store location. We do not have a Coop in our town center either. Our local Coop was sold to McColl’s and now has prices that make your eyes water. It is a great pity as I live in Rochdale. Perhaps the pioneers spirit will come back to out town one day.

  10. This is fantastic news, how does this stack up against our competitors for price of like for like products?

    • We think it’s fantastic news too. I shared your question with our pricing team and they said:
      These price cuts bring us in line with our convenience competitors. We’re committed to offering customers value for money and these latest price cuts are part of our ambition to offer members and customers great quality products when and where they need them.

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