It’s an exciting time here at Co-op Insurance as we launch our travel insurance – our first new product in seven years. It’s been so long because we wanted to offer something unique in the market – a fairer and more transparent type of insurance that’s accessible to more people with health conditions that would otherwise struggle to get insured.

The journey to create Co-op Travel Insurance started around 18 months ago when we reviewed our products, and the need to create a travel insurance product that would fill a gap in the market leapt out at us. We felt that with the right partner in place, a Co-op Travel Insurance product, shaped with members, would really show our Co-op difference.

Our members helped us develop it

The insurance industry is often told it needs to improve customer service, so we were really keen to do better. We started working with our partner Mapfre to put together a proposition and in January last year went out to our members – some we contacted online, and others we spoke to at focus groups. We broke down the product and got members to rate each element, telling us what they liked and what they weren’t bothered about. We also asked them what they liked about other travel insurance products, what annoyed them, and what they felt was missing. After getting this feedback we looked at the product again and made changes based on what we’d heard. When we went back to them with a revised version we got some great feedback on it.

We look after you before, during and after your trip

Most travel insurance policies protect you while you’re on holiday, but Co-op Travel insurance does a lot more. Our travel insurance looks after you before, during and after your trip. That could include medical advice if you get ill before you go away, a great level of protection while you’re away, and support or treatment if you’re still unwell when you return home.

An example of the support you’d get:

Before: We offer a UK-based video medical service ‘Doctor Care Anywhere’ that you can access before or during your holiday so you or an insured family member can speak to a doctor and get advice.* We also provide scheduled airline failure insurance, so if the airline goes out of business, the cost of your flights is covered.

During: You’ll get emergency medical assistance 24/7/365, and as long as you tell us as soon as you go into hospital, or before incurring expenses over £500, we’ll pay for everything upfront.** You’ll be able to access unlimited medical cover and we’ll cover any age and medical condition, allowing everyone to enjoy going on holiday, no matter what their situation.

After: We listened to what our members said about coming home, so we’re offering policies (all except Bronze cover) that provide home care like physiotherapy if you need it when you get home. And if you’re left unable to do everyday tasks, we’ll also offer help around the home and with childcare.***

Even better value for Co-op colleagues

Colleagues who buy a policy will get a 10% discount^ (excludes optional extras), and if you buy an annual policy on or before 28th February 2018, you’ll also get a free night in a UK hotel (Ts and Cs apply).

For a quote, visit or call 0330 400 1678 and quote code Colleague10.

Colin Butler
Head of Partnerships, Co-op Insurance

Terms and Conditions:
* Video call consultations available 8am to 10pm 365 days a year, voice call consultations available 24 hours.
** Available in selected destinations. Important limitations, restrictions & excess apply; visit our website for more info.
*** Not available on bronze cover. Available on your return to the UK, following an injury or illness abroad which requires on-going rehabilitation.
^ Offer available in your first year and may be withdrawn at any time.
†For policies bought between the 6th Dec 2017 and on or before the 28th Feb 2018, exclusions apply visit for more details.
Lines open 8am-10pm Mon-Fri, 9am-5.30pm Sat-Sun and 9am-5.30pm on bank holidays.
Co-op Travel Insurance is arranged and administered by Insure & Go Insurance Services Ltd. Co-op Insurance Services Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, register number 779364 and registered office; CIS Building, Miller Street, Manchester M60 0AL. This insurance is underwritten by MAPFRE Asistencia Compañía Internacional de Seguros y Reaseguros, SA, which is authorised by Dirección General de Seguros y Fondos de Pensiones and subject to limited regulation by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority; details about the extent of this limited regulation are available on request. UK Registered office; 5th Floor, Alpha House, 24a Lime Street, London, EC3M 7HJ. Company Number: FC021947. Branch Number: BR008042.


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  1. I was delighted at the thought that The Co-op would finally offer a competitive insurance price, so quickly filled in my online application. Sure enough, when the quote came back, it was really good and nothing on the comparison sites came near to it. That is, until I entered my wife’s pretty routine medical conditions of controlled blood pressure and mild Asthma which near enough doubled the price. Oh well, I tried, but thank goodness for Compare the Market and Travelsupermarket for being able to present a great range of affordable and quality choices.

    • Hello,

      We are constantly looking at ways to get the best premiums possible for our customers. We will be implementing some improvements on medical pricing next week which will hopefully address the issue you initially had.

      Co-op Travel Insurance Team

  2. My parents are interested in out holiday insurance but are worried about their age Dad is 80 mum 78 do we cover people of this age ?

  3. I think you will find that on examination the packaged accounts with Banks are becoming increasingly restrictive – especially if you are over age 60. So maybe ditch the package.

  4. My quote for annual worldwide with winter sports is the same price as I pay through my packaged bank account ie £140. But I also get mobile phone insurance, car breakdown cover and 24 hour home emergency included with my bank account as well, all for £140. How do we compete with that?

    • Hi there.
      The difference is the service (before, during and after cover including video consultations) and also the range of medical conditions covered. As a colleague you also get a discount and free hotel stay if you buy an annual policy, so it is very competitive especially at the moment with the launch offers.

      • I understand that, but why would I pay twice for cover. The delta the additional cover brings would make it very hard to justify.

        • Hi,
          Yes of course – I’m not trying to encourage you to buy a second policy. I was explaining the benefits as you wanted to know if we can compete with packaged accounts – and we think we can (but only for those that aren’t already tied into cover). If your current package works for you that’s great. ^Lara

  5. Love it! My quote was really reasonable and actually cheaper than my current policy 🙂

  6. I bought annual worldwide cover yesterday, it was quick, easy and I found it was pretty reasonable for my pre-existing medical condition. I also got a number of other quotes from a price comparison website, it was only a couple of £ more than some smaller insurers.

  7. I think the premiums are entirely normal as it is directly associated to the insurers risk in insuring you. If you can find a better deal elsewhere go for it. Insurance like all products tailored to a person can not be charged equally to all, but on each persons situation.
    It just would not be commercially viable.

  8. I got really excited about this new product, having cancer it’s extremely difficult to find insurance to cover me… I applied online and my condition was covered but a technical glitch kept changing to a different condition when I pressed enter. The price online was £36 for a single trip, but I then had to ring up to make sure I was actually covered as the condition although similar to what I have had changed due to the ‘glitch’, after speaking on the phone to the team the price then jumped up to £47… £11 for a medical premium that didn’t show up online… and £47 was with my colleague discount, I’m afraid your just too expensive for me 🙁

  9. This product may offer great service and cover but for those with any pre-existing conditions I fear they will be priced out of the market. Sadly for me I cannot afford an increase of £200 on my current arrangements to take up this offer.

  10. I too hope that we will be supporting people with pre-existing conditions. For many people with serious medical conditions, the inaccessibility of travel insurance prevents them from being able to enjoy holidays with family or friends that would be beneficial to their recovery or general well being. It would be really leading the way if we were to take a position on this! I would like to see a partnership with one of the leading cancer charities.

    • Hi there.
      It does indeed – one of the main features of the product is covering people with conditions that would otherwise struggle to get insured. Great idea about the charity partnership – I’ll suggest it to the team.

  11. Sincerely hope it gives a fair deal do older people with pre existing conditions. My parents faced a hike from £400 a year to £1200 when their insurer pulled out of the market recently so can no longer travel where they want to go and instead are now limited by where the insurance cover costs are lowest. In the same way the young get penalised on driving insurance, the old are getting penalised on travel insurance.

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