Over the next couple of weeks we’re launching LifeWorks, the new wellbeing app for Co-op colleagues.

You’ve been telling us that you’d really value easy-to-access support on a whole range of wellbeing topics, both inside and outside of work. And that’s where LifeWorks comes in.

LifeWorks gives easy access to a whole range of wellbeing support – including health, wellbeing, family life, work issues and money matters. Plus there’s easy access to the Co-op Employee Assistance Programme, where you can talk to experienced advisers in confidence 24/7.

LifeWorks also includes some great perks – with big discounts and cashback deals from hundreds of high street and online shops.

Watch out for your email invite from LifeWorks in the next couple of weeks. It’ll go to the email address you’ve registered on MyHR – the system you can use to view your payslip online (When you shared your email address on MyHR we told you that we may use it to let you know about other colleague benefits).

And as well as LifeWorks, there’ll be more exciting news about colleague wellbeing in the coming months.

Rob Fox
Pensions, Reward and Benefits

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  1. The code I was sent didn’t work. How can I get help to sort this out?

  2. I’ve received an email inviting me to join this… whatever it is.
    I do not recall ever giving the Co-Op permission to contact me via email about “employee benefits”, and there was no un-subscribe link in the email I received. How do I go about having my email address removed from the Co-Ops mailing list?

    • There’s a Help Centre link in the invite where you can submit a help request. Might work.

    • “When you shared your email address on MyHR we told you that we may use it to let you know about other colleague benefits”

      It’s not a mailing list, it’s the email you use to retrieve your wage slip. It’s only benefits direct from the Coop

      You don’t have to download the app, click on the link or use the benefits, that’s your choice.

  3. The support team at Lifeworks are brilliant, I fed back on Sunday evening that searching for perks could be made easier and had a response, suggestions of how to find what I wanted more quickly and, confirmation that my suggestion of an additional perk had been put forward by lunch time on Monday.
    Good work team!

  4. At a whopping 26mb+ I would have thought it would do more than it does.
    Limited to 3 of the 5 main topics…why?
    Limited to the number of sub topics also…why?
    Considering the size of this app I do not see why it is so limited and lacking content.
    For a few self help snippets (which are short and have no documentation to show they are from accredited professionals) and discounts it really could be optimised a whole lot more and it really is just a generic discounts app at the end of the day. Throughly disappointed with this.
    Please consider any replies that may include telling me to be grateful for anything we get. If we don’t think its value for money we should be able to say so rather than being told we are whingers as I see so many times in on this page.

    • I’ve found loads of stuff on there. Which bits have you been looking at? I can see 5 main topics – Family, Health, Life, Money, Work. Then if you look at Health for example, that has 7 sub topics- Adictions, Adults, Children, Diseases & Conditions, Health Habits, Mental Health, Seniors. Then picking one of those at randon (Mental Health) there are 5 further topics – Anger Management, Anxiety, Depression, Eating Disorders, Other Issues. I took a look at one of the next levels of info (Anxiety) I can see 19 different articles about anxiety. Looks like a lot of info to me for 46MB.

  5. I’ve really been struggling to cope at work and this week seen the occupational health as at this rate I will either have a breakdown or a stroke , I have help from a few outside LGBT groups but nothing within the co op so will be good to see what the app offers

    • Hi there, I’m really sorry to hear this. You can talk to someone in confidence 24/7 through our Employee Assistance Programme helpline, the details are on the app. Also have you joined the Co-op’s own LGBT network, Respect? I think you’d find them helpful too. The email is: RespectLGBT@coop.co.uk

  6. I think this is a great idea. I recently went through an extremely messy divorce. I need all the help I can get.

    • Hi Wendy. Hope you’re doing OK. We’ve also got our Employee Assistance Programme on 0800 069 8854 if you ever need to chat about anything that’s on your mind. Thanks ^Rachel

  7. can we ensure that the vouchers given are not for competitors of co-op services please – eg Argos (estore) Amazon (Food) – or at least offer our own services as well?

    • Hi Martin,

      I’d love to hear why you don’t think we should promote offers for competitors and allow our colleagues the ability to make grown-up decisions about where they buy their products & services?

      Given that we do not have the best base pay (we aim to pay middle market albeit and in some cases we may be below that right now) shouldn’t our guiding principle be to help colleagues to make the most of the £ in their pocket? This becomes even more important when we know, from anecdotal evidence, that colleagues in some of our lowest paid jobs struggle to make ends meet each month – let’s think about them for just a moment. If the offers available here can help in any way then I say that we’ve done the right thing.

      • Well said, the idea of being allowed to choose is a good one.

        • on second thoughts, I think being able to choose is the right answer. I think this is a fab idea overall, and really welcome the business supporting colleagues like this. #beingcoop

  8. Naysayers gonna naysay.
    As someone who uses the employee benefits page, and would like an easier way to access the EAP, I welcome this.
    Good job all involved, don’t let small minded, negative thinkers stop you doing the great job you’re doing.

  9. Well done ! Great idea

  10. Appreciate that we have to provide an address to be associated with MyHR but is there anyway to ensure that we don’t get additional corporately suggested advertising bumf to that address ? I already get regular spam from BUPA that I’d like to see the back of and would prefer not to get any from this either. Very happy to tick the ‘Opt out’ box if you can just point me at it.

  11. There seems to be a blatant unfairness built into this in that it’s my device and my data which I pay for which I’m going to be using to access this app.

    It’s OK when you’re in head office but for the rest of us you’re imposing a stealth tax for using this thing which I don’t remember anyone asking me about. .

    • Hi again MEH. It’s obviously your choice whether to use LifeWorks or not. Colleagues have been telling us that they’d value more online support around wellbeing and this is one way of helping with that. Like any app or website, it won’t fit the bill for everyone but if people find it useful then hopefully they’ll keep coming back. Rob

    • Thanks for what may be a good app, I’m certain that we do not have to use it, I’m guessing that wifi will work, so no issues there.

    • It’s not compulsory for you to access this so your argument falls down there… But anyway, the EAP is a Freephone 0800 number so if you don’t want to pay this non-existent “stealth tax” call them direct.

    • Its hardly a ‘tax’ if the money doesn’t go to the ‘imposer’!!!

      Its a bit hard to provide a service if the receiver doesnt want to have to put any effort or expense into accessing it.

      • Not exactly Alex. We are quite good at getting posters and other goods into stores where they are freely accessible. Why not offer that option as well?

        My argument is the same one that @Martin is making (more elegantly) – for plenty of our colleagues every penny counts and it’s unfair to expect them to use their personal mobile data allowance to download this (from the App store?) when we could get to them without that.

        The data will tell us whether I’m wrong – perhaps Rob will come back a month after launch to say how many times the app has been downloaded and which pages are being accessed? It’ll be in the analytics the app provides to the organisation.



        • Just to clarify your other point regarding Head Office not being affected by your “imposed stealth tax”, while there is Guest WIFI at Angel Square employees are not allowed access, only contractors and visitors get the password. So we too would be using our data. Again though the choice is use it or don’t use it.

  12. So the app will have a load of information you’ve downloaded off the internet, a page with a phone number on it and a link to a generic no-mark high street voucher discount scheme?

    Please tell me you got this done for pretty much no money?

    If the budget for this was anything over £3k you’ve wasted members’ money.

    • Hi MEH. The Wellbeing info on Lifeworks isn’t downloaded from the internet – it’s created by subject experts in areas like wellbeing, fitness, mental health, work and money. The perks include hundreds of discounts and cashback deals, with a lot of big names amongst them e.g. Argos, Amazon, Nike, Boots, Jet2, Ticketmaster plus cinema, restaurant and fitness chains. Obviously it’s a personal choice whether to use LifeWorks or not, but we think there’ll be something of interest for lots of colleagues. Rob

  13. Top comment Justin

  14. Will the app be available for Coop issued Windows Phones ?

    • Hi Justin. The LifeWorks app is available on Android and iOS, but not on Windows phones I’m afraid. It’s not ideal for Co-op mobile users but, given the declining market share for Windows phones, it’s consistent with many app developers.

      However the good news is that LifeWorks is available in website form and all its features are accessible from any up to date browser – including on Windows phones. Rob.

    • Hi Justin,

      It’s fully mobile enabled as a web version as well as an app. So, for Apple & Android devices it can be downloaded as an app whereas on Windows, Apple & Android it can be used in the web browser. We’ve also asked for the web version to be whitelisted so that it can be accessed from work devices.

      I hope that helps.

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