Memorial for local Leeds girl who died in Manchester attack

It’s been a very difficult year for Adel store and the local community in Leeds. Last May, a colleague who works in the store Post Office tragically lost her daughter in the Manchester attack.

David Brook, store manager, his team and the community wanted to do something for their colleague and her family to remember her daughter in the local community.

“Our colleague gave us her blessing to create a memorial in front of the store so that the community could reflect and take time out. The money was raised by our community, our store, and many other Co-op stores across Leeds,” explains David.

“We finished the area, which includes a bench with her daughter’s name on, and some plants, in time for what would have been her 15th birthday.

“Our colleague and her family came down on that day with over 20 family and friends to celebrate her life and spend some time.

“I’m very proud of my team and so proud to manage a store in such a great community. I must also pass on my thanks to the wider Co-op team who’ve been amazing throughout. Everyone has truly shown what it is to be Co-op.”

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  1. What a beautiful thing to do so people can now stop and pay their respects, Amazing.

  2. What a wonderful thing to do. It’s a really heartwarming story and a way to bring people in the local community together to reflect and remember.

  3. Lovely story. This isn’t about being co-op though, its about caring. We should be proud of people doing things like that without feeling like we have to state that people are or are not being co-op. Being caring is FAR more than being co-op. I don’t get the impression that anyone did this to be labelled “being co-op”.

    Keep up the good work.

    • Hi Good Job. I know what you’re saying but one of our Ways of Being Co-op is ‘showing you care’. And you’re right – no-one did this to ‘be Co-op’. We’re showing examples of teams and people doing amazing things every day. Thanks ^Rachel

  4. What a lovely thing to do ….. I feel proud to work for a company encouraging others to care about each other.

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