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We’ve been supporting Fairtrade for over 20 years and w​e’re the biggest convenience retailer of Fairtrade today. It’s something our members know and love us for, and something you voted for us to support at our AGM last year. Since then we’ve created even more Fairtrade lines, like our 100% Fairtrade roses.

As well as being award winning, our Fairtrade products do good too. For many of the world’s poorest communities, Fairtrade is the only guarantee of a fair price and freedom from exploitation.

Thanks to you buying Fairtrade we’ve built clean water facilities, schools, hospitals and a Women’s Leadership Academy in some of the world’s poorest countries. So what better way to celebrate Fairtrade Fortnight this month, than with your own community?

Get your free Fairtrade resource pack

Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 27 February to 11 March, and we’re giving members Fairtrade resource packs to help them organise a community get together, including:

  • Fairtrade fact booklet
  • Fairtrade stickers, coaster and bunting
  • Fairtrade quiz
  • Fairtrade coffee morning guide
  • A poster to help promote your event
  • A £5 Co-op Food voucher to buy Co-op Fairtrade products (hurry – while stocks last! Also excludes alcohol).

Visit the Join In section of your Co-op Membership account to get one, or you can download at coop.co.uk/fairtrade.

Fairtrade’s even better value with double discount

For colleagues, buying Fairtrade is even better value. Our products are award winning, and as they’re Co-op branded, you get double discount (20%) on them every payday, and 10% discount all year round (our Fairtrade Chai tea bags topped a taste test in BBC Good Food last month). That’s on top of membership rewards that give you 5% back on Co-op brand products, and 1% for a local cause of your choice.

Our next colleague double discount is 16 and 17 Feb, so if you buy your tea party stuff early, you can buy even more.

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  1. I have just gone to download the Fairtrade Leaflet from the resources and note that it reads that Mothers Day is on the 22nd March, which is a Thursday? I’m pretty sure it’s Sunday the 11th. I am waiting for a pack in the post and hope that the leaflet that comes with it has the correct date on?

    • Hi Hayley. I asked the Fairtrade team and this is what they said:

      Thank you Hayley for spotting this!

      It looks like this was a printing error and will be corrected online and in packs from now on.


      Helen Seed
      Communications and Campaigns Manager
      Food Policy

  2. I have fond memories of visiting the Caribbean in the 80’s with the old lady and seeing the locals work all hours god sent in the sugar cane fields. There was no fair trade payments then. Glad to see society has caught up and Co-op leading the way to ensure these hard working farmers are paid fairly

  3. Do you know when packs will be delivered?

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