Some great news to celebrate across Co-op.

Drinks Buying Team of the Year

Drinks Buying team of the year award logoOur Beers Wines and Spirits team have scooped this award at the annual Drinks Retailing Awards. It comes after a successful year which saw an innovative range of member-designed wine, beer and spirits going into stores. Judges were impressed with our unique approach of talking to members to help us develop new products. They also praised the team’s focus on being ahead of trends (eg, how we’ve brought in premium spirits and new regional beers).

It’s great recognition for the hard work the team have put into our ranges.

Leading in learning

HRD Award logo for Distinction in innovationOur Leadership, Talent and Learning team have won the ‘Innovation in Technology’ HR Distinction Award for the My Co-op Career, Shopfloor virtual reality training module. This brings our shopfloor standards off the page and into a virtual world that colleagues can explore to understand what a great store looks like. Adding to the reality was Katie Corless, our store manager from Wigan Road, who guides colleagues through the store.

Screen shot from the Shopfloor app - showing the menu items available in the VR worldThis experience is now being used in inductions to let new colleagues see what’s expected from the word go, and stats show that it’s also being used many times as people come back to it again and again.

A real example of doing something different and using technology to help us achieve.

Well done to everyone involved in both award wins.

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  1. I must say Harold, that sounds like heaven, although I would be sipping some champers to Desert Island Discs.

  2. I love nothing more on a Sunday evening than going to a bottle of Brandy I’ve picked up from my Co-op and catching up on the Archers. I must commend the increase in spirit selection, especially when it comes to the rum too, takes me back to my navy days. Good times. Well done Co-op

  3. The Beers section has greatly improved over the years. The 660ml bottles of Moretti and Peroni great value at basically £2 a bottle and was pleased too find Brooklyn Lager 355ml on a 3f£5 deal, better than Tesco before our 10% discount. All 3 of those beers better than our competitors who either cost more or don’t range. Keep up the good work!

  4. well done guys

  5. Well done, teams!

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