As Steve Murrells said in our Co-op five-year plan, Funeralcare is the market leader, but we want to lead the market.

That means offering more, and better, products and services than our competitors through Funeralcare, and our Life Planning and Legal business. Helping our clients every step of the way, from arranging a funeral through to dealing with their loved one’s estate.

Through all of this we need to make sure our Co-op difference is there for all to see.

What’s our Co-op Commitment?

We all know that a funeral is a big expense and the cost can be overwhelming at what is already a very difficult time.

So we’ve been doing all we can to make our products and services affordable for clients.

I’m proud to say that we’ve gone one step further with our funeral plans (what we call a pre-need service).

Our Co-op Commitment means that if the plan holder dies before all their instalments have been paid, Co-op will still provide all the services in their plan with no more for their family to pay. What could be more reassuring for both our clients and their loved ones? ​

No other funeral plan providers are offering this right now – that’s our Co-op difference and a real example of us leading the market.

We’ve also been improving our at-need service over the last few years.

  • Earlier this year, through research, we identified three ways to make arranging a funeral much easier: Funeral choices: Simple, Traditional and Classic. These help clients understand what’s included in our funerals and how much they cost.
  • In 2016 we re-launched our Simple funeral, a low-cost option that doesn’t compromise on quality (we’ve held the price at £1,995 for the second year running, unlike others in the market).

Colleague benefits

On top of all this, as a colleague you get a whole host of other benefits.


Please look at the full terms and conditions.

This is all part of our commitment to making our benefits fairer for everyone and doing what matters most for our colleague members.

Robert Maclachlan
Managing Director, Funeralcare and Life Planning

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  1. We have thousands of colleagues working across all different parts of the business. It’s a great benefit to get your funeral paid for if you die in service but I don’t plan on doing so. I will need a funeral plan for when I retire. Can The Co-op please sort colleagues out with a good deal if we wish to pay our funeral up over a longer period. At the moment there is the extra charge for paying up over a longer period. Let’s get rid of that and offer employees a funeral plan with there discount and no extra charges for paying up over a longer period.


  2. Hi, Could you tell me if my husbands grandparents are entitled to my discount on a prepaid plan please?

    • Hi Kirsty. I’ve checked with our Funeralcare team. Discount does apply for your grandparents (as you’re a colleague) but not your husband’s unfortunately. For all colleagues it’s for immediate family which includes: a spouse or partner living at the same address, children, step-children and adopted children, parents, step-parents, parents-in-law and step parents in-law, grandparents and step-grandparents, siblings and step-siblings. Thanks ^Rachel

  3. I had family members who wanted to take out plans,I processed the paperwork with the discount code and was then told the membership card had to be in my name to get the discount. I understood it was a blanket discount for family members to benefit from and not one that had to be done through ourselves. So a little confusing.

  4. Can someone please tell me why embalming has been removed from the plans

    • Hi Jenny. Let me go back to Funeralcare and get an answer for you. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Thanks for your reply. Referring back to the current television advertisement for our plans, may be they should consider removing or re-wording the phrase ‘Promise to cover all the costs etc, so loved ones won’t be left with any surprise bills’. This issue has been raised a few times by local clients.

    • Hi Jenny. I’ve checked with the team. They’ve spent a lot of time reviewing and comparing our plans to others in the market. We’ve found that the number of families choosing to embalm their loved one is similar to those who don’t choose this. So we’ve changed our plans to allow families to make the decision at the time of need. Hope this helps. Thanks ^Rachel

  5. At the moment our pre paid plans are brilliant value as Co-op didn’t put them up when we upped the prices recently, so they are considerably lower £700-£1000 than the ‘ at need’ price. At Need means if you just come to us when someone passes away and they haven’t paid in advance. So taking out a plan now before they increase the price [and they will,] means you are already saving money. + Once you have paid for your plan the price is frozen no matter how long you live, no yearly price rises, ever! + you get a reward if you show your co-op membership card £100+ depending on the plan you chose and how you pay. Our plans are simply stunning value. I see so many families who say ‘ we took out an insurance for the funeral years ago’ my heart sinks, because sure enough the tiny insurance has not kept pace with inflation and still leaves them with a big bill to pay, whereas if they had bought a Co-op plan years ago, the funeral is sorted, inflation proof.

  6. I’m new to the Co-op, working as a contractor on a 6 month term. Am I classed as a colleague and able to take advantage of these offers or are they restricted to full time employees only?

    • Hi GBT. Point 11 on the terms and conditions says: ‘Employed colleague discounts are restricted to those with employed status only at the time of purchase’ but I’ll double check with the Funeralcare team. Thanks ^Rachel

    • Hi GBT. Really sorry. Funeralcare have just confirmed that unfortunately contractors aren’t eligible for these benefits. Thanks ^Rachel

  7. It’s so great to see we’re leading the market in funeralcare.

    Anyone who doesn’t yet have funeral plans, please reconsider. My parents took advantage of our Co-op colleague/family offer, and organised a funeral plan each. The discount makes it exceptional value, and with their 5% + 1% also ended up buying themselves a new tv, so they were happy! The support from the funeralcare team was brilliant, and my sister and I know what my parents want, with no need to worry about the cost, when that unfortunate time sadly comes.

  8. The colleague benefits are great and much appreciated, but could you clarify, if as a colleague I decided to be organised and start to pay for a pre paid funeral, and then passed away in service, how would this be dealt with for the payments made!? Thanks

    • Hi H. Great question. Can I get back to you on that one? Just need to check with the Funeral team. Thanks ^Rachel

    • Hi H. If you pass away while working for the Co-op then an at-need funeral is provided free of charge. If you do take out a funeral plan but pass away while working at the Co-op then your family could cancel the plan and receive a refund. Hope that helps. Thanks ^Rachel

  9. Would someone kindly let me know what point No. 7 is on the terms and conditions, it seems to jump from 6 to 8 on my screen, thanks.

    • Good spot Al. It’s not just on your screen. I’ve checked and I think that they’ve been numbered incorrectly. I’ll make sure they update it. Thanks ^Rachel

  10. My husband left me recently and took all my money. I’m at least comforted that my funeral is paid for me when I die – not that I have any kids to burden with the costs!

  11. I’m proud to say I have a Co-op funeral plan. A lovely lady called Barb helped me through it a many years ago. I was saddened to hear she passed away last year however it’s comforting to know everything will be taken care of when my time comes. Well done Co-op for wanting to lead the way

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