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NACO, the union representing Co-op colleagues across Grades C-F, has now formally agreed their merger with Usdaw, the union that represents most of our colleagues.

There’s no immediate change for colleagues as the merger won’t happen until 1 May 2018.

Right now we’re talking to Usdaw to finalise the new union arrangements that will apply from 1 May, and we’ll communicate these once they’re agreed.

You can find the story on the NACO website.

Andy Clarke

Head of Employee Relations & Policy


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  1. Great news. Over the years I’ve swapped from one to the other depending on my job and ended up not bothering to rejoin because things change so often here.

  2. Let’s hope that the new Union has more leverage and knowhow than NACO. I was a member of NACO for around 7 years and they never seemed to achieve anything, either on the couple of times I called upon them personally, nor when they bargained collectively.

  3. You wont find the story here, because as ever that site is blocked in stores.

    • Hi Zoe. Sorry to hear that. You can access the info on your personal device too. Thanks ^Rachel

      • But if this is posted and viewed on the intranet, how do you bring the intranet up on a personal device…

        If it was on the Internet (or social media) then your solution will work.

        • Hi Logic. Colleague stories is an open site so you can access it if you have access to the internet. Currently the stories on the homepage of the Intranet are actually housed on Colleague stories ( – this is so that our 70,000 colleagues can access it rather than just 20% who can access the intranet. Hope that explains things. Thanks ^Rachel

  4. I hate the politics of what comes with it. Why are Unite (GI) sending me propaganda to sway my view points, whether this be general elections or EU referendum. The only reason I’m subscribed to the Union is for defense of any formal discussions.

    • Unite send you information for general elections/referendums as they are representing your employee rights and employment interests on a national level. If they did not inform you then they would potentially not be acting in your interest.

      This government would happily abolish the human rights act and the right for workers to strike and its the role of trade unions to try and protect its members in the most effective way possible.

  5. I have to wonder whether the current model of Trade Union recognition remains truly representative of the workforce these days. I’d love to see what proportion of colleagues are actually members of a Trade Union given that, member or not, they have the power to agree salary increases and changes to Terms & Conditions on behalf of all of us.

    • It is through the trade union’s membership and size that there’s enough collective power to negotiate for the benefit of workers. Legislation and company values are much better these days but it’s sad that more people aren’t interested in being a member of a trade union, and I think the view that “well the union will negotiate for me whether I’m a member or not” is even sadder.

  6. NACDAW? Kinda catchy (though I’ve no idea what the letters in NACO stand for so it may make no sense).

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