person shovelling snow

As you’ll have seen, severe weather conditions are affecting most of the UK and there’s a red warning for Scotland from Thursday to Friday.

Your safety is the most important thing, so please make sure you’ve considered your travel arrangements for the next few days and discussed any issues with your line manager.

Travel and weather information can be found on the Met Office Website.

Our bad weather and transport disruptions policy can be read on our colleague site.

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  1. Have to say recover at store has been great, back to normal after two days, that’s pulling the stops out. thanks

  2. Red warnings of snow I can live with… it’s the Yellow snow warnings I worry about.

  3. RED warning also for South Wales and Devon/ Cornwall so wear 2 layers of undies and leave the heels and skirts at home……

  4. In my 21 years at The Coop this is the worst spell of weather I have known. Made it to work 3hours late yesterday.
    Here at Birtley CDC in the North East our driver colleagues are doing a sterling job in keeping the shelves full. All the drivers are coming back to the depot with stories of going the extra mile.


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