The weather outside might have been grim, but across the country you’ve managed to spread a bit of warmth, working together to help each other, customers and communities.

You’ve trekked in not knowing if you could get home, shovelled snow from roads, gritted car parks, made hot drinks for customers, and taken food parcels to people who couldn’t leave the house. All on top of your usual jobs too!

There are too many acts of kindness to mention – so here are just a few we’ve found on Twitter. If you share yours, don’t forget to use the hashtag #BeingCoop.



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  1. Really impressive how much goodwill staff showed to keep the show on the road – we are lucky to have such good people working here.

    No weather too severe to stop us!

    Only a computer failure can.

    I think we need to have some communications on here about how some stores have been having delivery problems for two weeks now according to Twitter reports #coopempty

  2. WOW! Such a credit to the Co-op. Well done to all of those who went above and beyond to make our Co-op continue to tick and to help those who needed it most.

  3. Uneasy
    Across the whole off the uk people are pulling together and helping communities, friends and neighbours, why as a business do we feel the need to promote ” being coop ” by just doing what good people do, myself and a neighbour who works for a competitor helped elderly neighbours and not once did I say I am doing this because I work for coop and nor shall I, we helped because that what people do regardless of who they work for … Can we please recognise people for who they are and not for who they work for

    • Have to agree. This hashtag stuff is really over the top. Communities are pulling together because they are communities

    • I have to agree. Let’s accept that we are all caring people doing our best and focus on extraordinary achievements?

    • I think there’s a feel-good factor involved – I for one have enjoyed reading about all the kind gestures and efforts made by Co-Op colleagues. It makes me even more proud to work for the Co-Op and motivates me to want to do more to help. Not a bad thing, surely?

    • I think this is more that a lot of people who work for Coop are the same way, we try to be ethical as a company and employ like minded and caring people.

      I know some people who would not do what these people have, and yes we see it in other companies as well, but why cant we, as a company, be proud that there are people out there who will go out of their way for others?

      I for one am proud when I see things like this when we live in a world where most people only look out for themselves.


    • @Helpful – I totally agree. The snow did not prevent me from making my way in to work and doing my job. ‘Being Co-op’ has nothing to do with it – and frankly if the business continue to insist on using an utterly pointless octothorp as a prefix for it, then I will actively avoid ‘Being Co-op’!!

      • +1 – The never ending celebration of usual behaviour prevents the exceptional from being noticed.

  4. Well done coop Currie Ednburgh 3 members of staff kept the shop open 13 hours on what was the busiest day EVER. Kerry Hanlon Joanne McLeod and Karen.

  5. I’ve actually got goosebumps! Well done and a huge thank you to everyone who have been working hard to keep each other and our customers safe. A huge shout out to everyone on the claims departments as well, battling it in to the office, not knowing what the journey home is going to be like, to make sure our customers who have motor or home damage get the service they need!

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