From today (5 March) local causes can apply for the next round of funding from our Local Community Fund.

If they’re successful, that’s 12 months of members choosing to give their 1% – which means more money for the community projects that bring people together and make a difference.

Since 2016 Co-op Members have helped us raise an amazing £20 million for local causes.

That means we’ve been able to help fund thousands of local projects that benefit communities across the UK.

We can support a wider variety of causes

The great news is we’ve changed some of our criteria so we can support a wider variety of causes, like community groups, social enterprises and co-operatives.

Please spread the word to local causes in your community to apply again if they weren’t eligible last time around.

Applications are open now until 8 April.

Rebecca Birkbeck
Director of Community Engagement

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  1. My office is hidden away in Wellington, so to raise awareness as we are no longer in our local paper, I have actively seeked out and supported senior citizen clubs, bowls clubs, sheltered housing community groups, giving Christmas tins of soup for those on their own with empty cupboards, care homes with raffle prizes, or waggiest tail prize,[ lots of care homes have dog shows now], I was always looking out in our local paper for things to support, I would do a yearly crossword comp for Death Awareness week etc etc. I only used to spend a tiny amount on a goodie bag, always items from our local co-op food, also putting in items I had made myself, teddies etc, got a big thankyou,+ picture in paper. And it worked, my pre paid plans were high, but due to the £20million giveaway to a lucky few, I am now prevented from continuing. Our latest receivers are a learn to read class and two local play groups, and they are locked in until October. We have been told absolutely no more support for anyone other than the lucky three,[who will now get approx. £4,000 each= £12,000 just in Wellington] as there is no budget available. Very sad indeed that we no longer help our elderly community, as I was so proud to do so, this is a massive step backwards. We are giving far too much to three, oh my goodness, I could put a tiny fraction of that to better use spread over 30 different deserving causes. Yes I am cross, sorry, I adore the Co-op but this needs rethinking, please?

    • Hi Jacki. I understand your frustrations and will feedback your comments to the Community team. Have you told one of the groups you used to support that this opportunity is available? Maybe you could help them fill in the online application. Thanks ^Rachel

  2. Will this extend to good causes in Weatherfield?

    Could be a great opportunity for them too and would be a valuable bit of publicity for us.

  3. My local community is looking to revive an old cinema including providing public meeting spaces for local groups and the community. It is a big project and I am not sure what type of support they are looking for. I know they have been approaching cinema chains to try to get some support. Is this kind of project something that you would potentially be able to help with. We have a store a few hundred yards from this site.

    • Hi Helen. This is definitely the kind of project the Local Community Fund could potentially support. Something that benefits the whole community. If there’s a particular community group set up who are leading on this I’d encourage them to apply. Thanks ^Rachel

  4. do you have to be a charity??

    • Hi Martin. In previous rounds you had to be a registered charity but if you read Rebecca’s blog post it talks about us widening our criteria to include other community groups. Thanks ^Rachel

  5. Could your childs school apply? Would they have to be undertaking a specific project?

    • Hi Caroline. Lots of PTAs have applied for funding before and many have been chosen in previous rounds of funding. But yes you’re right – it has to be for a specific project. I went to visit one that was raising money to build a library in their school. Thanks ^Rachel

  6. Neoangels. A registered charity that raises money to help families of sick / premature babies on the neonatal unit at North Tees Hospital.
    They do great work in helping support so many people in such difficult times.

  7. What about Joe Hughes who’s raising money for defibrillator?

  8. My son needs an operation on his spine to help him walk he has cerebral palsy and the operation isnt funded on the NHS so we have to raise £25,000

    • Hi Katie. Unfortunately the Local Community Fund only supports projects that benefit the whole community. It doesn’t raise money for individuals – I’m really sorry. Have you thought about crowdfunding for your son? Here’s a website that might help Thanks ^Rachel

  9. Love the picture!!

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