Since we announced we’re part of Coronation Street’s biggest ever product placement venture we’ve been busy working on the ‘refit’ of our Weatherfield store.

It’s part of a new area of the Coronation Street set, Victoria Street, that ITV revealed to the media at an event last week.

We’re delighted with how it looks and are excited to see our store on screen for the first time in episodes from spring. In fact, to celebrate our new shop, we’ll be having a special ‘ribbon cutting’ at Weatherfield’s Co-op in April.

Alasdair Fowle, Co-op Partnerships and Events Manager, said:

“Just like a refit in real life, there have been teams from across Co-op working together to make this store a reality including Format, Range, Space, Merchandising, Community, Marketing, PR and our Delicious Food team to name but a few!

Despite the store only being 3 metres deep we’ve worked with ITV to dress it with over 60 products, including our amazing, new Food to Go packaging, to create the illusion of it being a real full-size store on camera. We’re all really excited and looking forward to seeing the store become a regular part of the show.”

If you’d like to know more about the story behind Weatherfield’s Co-op, look out for May’s edition of our Food colleagues’ magazine ‘Let’s talk about food’ for an exclusive behind the scenes look at how we created the store and the ‘ribbon cutting’.


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  1. What an exciting time and a great piece of advertising for us all at Coop. It’s such an iconic programme, I will have to start watching this now. Makes you even more proud to be working for Coop.

  2. A Co-op Funeralcare might be a good idea with all the deaths happening on the street lately!

  3. Could we borrow an idea from Fawlty Towers and The Simpsons and have something different about the store front in each episode? Maybe a huge stack of tins of biscuits or flowers or something? People notice these things.

  4. Is Dev worried about the competition now?

  5. I want to work there!! They should let us staff have roles as extras stacking shelves and things haha x

  6. I do worry about Devs, The Cabin, Freshcos and Roys Rolls with The Coop and Costas moving in. Roy Cropper has had a right time of it the last few years what with Hayley dying and Carlas recent health scare. Losing the café might push him over the edge.

  7. I love this article! So exciting for CoopFood stores 🙂

  8. Looks a little sterile on the shop front. None of the usual stickers and labels in the windows/door glass to indicate CCTV usage, membership of local securtiy schemes etc etc.

    • Hi Robert, thanks for your comment. There were a lot of various teams both internally within Co-op and externally at ITV that were involved in creating the store façade. As you can imagine, there was considerable discussion around how we can best re-create a storefront that is in keeping with what we are delivering across the UK whilst accommodating input from ITV and compliance. There were various constraints placed upon the design that mainly came from filming requirements to ensure our store appears as good as possible when it hits our tv screens and compliance restrictions placed upon all Product Placement activations. Hope this helps explain why it isn’t identical to our store estate 🙂

  9. No Scenes inside the shop ?
    I thought I’d read that there would be non speaking actors in Co-op staff uniforms.

    • That’s right T, there will be non-speaking artists appearing in episodes in Co-op uniforms.

  10. I might have too watch Corrie now lol what a massive stop for COOP! so proud 🙂

  11. I love this 😁

  12. I thought there were going to be scenes shot inside the shop, where will this take place?

    • There won’t be any filming inside the shop but we will see characters popping in and out.

  13. Hello from Thurrock!

    Wow that’s amazingly thorough to make sure it’s well stocked…

    Makes you proud of the Co-op.

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