Outdoor bred pig

Taking our 100% British fresh meat commitment even further, from July we’ll be the first UK-wide retailer to source all our own brand fresh pork, bacon, sausages, gammon and ham from outdoor-bred pigs on RSPCA assured farms. This commitment applied to our standard and premium range products.

This means that the pigs in our supply chain will be born outside and raised in well-ventilated, spacious straw barns to strict RSPCA welfare standards.

Giving our move their support, George Eustice, Minister of State at the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra), said: “There is growing consumer interest in food provenance, animal welfare and the way food is produced and I welcome the decision of the Co-op to embrace that by switching to outdoor bred pigs.”

Also Tracey Jones, Director of Food Business at Compassion in World Farming said: “We wholeheartedly congratulate the Co-op for making this move to higher welfare pig production across both their standard and premium own brand products. By doing so they are not only addressing key issues such as confinement and the need to provide pigs with a stimulating environment, but they are making higher welfare the norm and meeting their customers’ expectations.”

This is another example of our difference to build a stronger Co-op as part of our ambition.

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  1. There is no humane way to kill a creature that doesn’t want to die

  2. Piglet to Mother Pig …
    “Mummy, what’s a bacon sandwich?”

  3. After seeing those appalling pictures of chickens in cages in the news the other day. Do we have anything positive to say about our eggs?

    • All Coop fresh eggs are free range, I think it’s been around 10 years since we started that. Also I think all of our own brand products use only free range eggs.

      • “Free range” is an extraordinarily loose term though, and often this can still mean caged hens.

  4. BRILLIANT news. We need to shout about this to customers in store. In addition to pack copy, how about a shelf edge, or better still some POS boards? It’s such good news and such a great customer proposition and point of difference. Especially for Christmas party food, when so much competitor core range uses imported meat or reduced welfare product.

    • If you think that British meat has high welfare standards your living in cloud cuckoo land. And as for end of life when they get sent to the slaughter house they are afforded the same cruelty and barbarism as the animals that have been bred in captivity. Still if it stops you from asking too many questions then all is not lost…

    • I think it is brilliant news that Co-op customers are not being offered meat from animals bred in conditions with unregulated or poorly maintained standards of welfare. Last Xmas I was disgusted to see the party food offered in one major retailer was sourced from China, where conditions for pigs are appalling. You have your personal take on this issue, which I respect and, as a non pork eater, very much agree with, actually.

  5. This is a really positive step for our pork lines.

    Some time ago we reduced the welfare level of our standard fresh chicken produce range, moving away from RSPCA Freedom Food standards (now known as RSPCA Assured I believe), so I wondered if there are any plans in place to improve the welfare for chicken?

  6. Q: What do you call a pig thief?
    A: A hamburglar

  7. Piggin marvellous!

  8. Let’s make sure we shout this from the rooftops.

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