From today (Tuesday 20 March) our Funeralcare member benefits just got better!

We’ve changed the 5% reward to exclusive member prices which means members get money off right then and there – at the time of arranging and paying for a funeral or buying a funeral plan with us.

As Steve Murrells said in our five-year plan, we want to lead the market. Making funerals more affordable (but still with high standards of service and care), and being open about the cost, is one of the ways we’re going to do this.

So, what exactly do our members get?

Our members will save at least £150 when arranging and paying for a funeral or buying a funeral plan with us.

Our colleague members will get an even bigger discount:

  • £700 off when you arrange the funeral of an immediate family member
  • £400 off when buying a funeral plan for you or an immediate family member
  • If you pass away in service, then we’ll cover the costs of your funeral
  • Plus we’ll give 1% of what you spend to your local community

How to save

  • A colleague member must be the person arranging the funeral or paying for the plan on behalf of an immediate family member.
  • You’ll need to show us your colleague membership card.

Visit our benefits portal to find out more.

What do we mean by ‘immediate family’?

  • A spouse or partner living at the same address
  • Children, step-children and adopted children*
  • Parents, step-parents, parents-in-law and step parents-in-law
  • Grandparents and step-grandparents
  • Siblings and step-siblings

This is all part of our commitment to making our benefits fairer for everyone and doing right by our members, colleagues and their families.

*Co-op Funeralcare doesn’t charge for funerals of children under the age of 18 but third-party fees may apply.

Please read our terms and conditions for more details.


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  1. Do Colleague members qualify for anything over and above the 5% on Masonry?

    • Hi Ryan. I’ll ask the question and get back to you. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Thanks

        • Hi Ryan. If a colleague member is paying for a masonry plan for them of a close family member then they would get a £400 discount, as long as the plan is at least £800. If they’re arranging a funeral then they get 5% discount for ‘at need’ masonry. Please look at the terms and conditions on Hope this helps. Thanks ^Rachel

  2. As soon S I’m able will will take up the plan. Another question can you take money from our wages or do we have to do it directly monthly

    • Hi Shirlaine. A few people have asked that. Right now there are no plans to do that but it’s a great idea and I’ve fed it back to the Funeralcare team. Thanks ^Rachel

  3. Can you please claify if ‘colleagues’ benfits include those for retired colleagues as the terms and conditions refer to colleagues but in point 11 theer is reference to employed colleagues. That is to say, does a retired former co-op employee who is a member get these discounts

    • Hi DF. Thanks for your question. We’re reviewing the retired colleague benefits across Co-op.​ We’ve not quite got the offer sorted yet, but we’re working on it. We’ll let our retired colleagues know as soon as we do. In the meantime, retired colleagues get the 5% discount every member gets but not the new colleague £700 discount on a funeral and £400 discount on a plan​. We hope to get this sorted very soon, so, look out for updates.​ Thanks ^Rachel

  4. Can something be set up so it goes out of your wages direct?

    • Hi Val. Another colleague has asked this and I’ve mentioned it to the propositions team. It’s not something that’s offered right now but it’s a great idea. Thanks ^Rachel

  5. I’ve been looking to buy a pre-paid plan for a while and that offer is just so tempting that I think I’ll do it. Just one query, if I buy a pre-paid plan but then happen to die in service, how would that work, a refund on my plan?

    • Hi Al. If you pass away while working for the Co-op then an at-need funeral is provided free of charge. If you do take out a funeral plan but pass away while working at the Co-op then your family could cancel the plan and receive a refund. Hope that helps. Thanks ^Rachel

      • Hi, I had been thinking of arranging a plan but was unsure what would happen to it if I died in service. So think that’s good that the family can claim back the money on a pre-paid plan.
        Thank you for the information.

  6. That’s like going into a Co-op shop and complaining that the cake you bought for £2 last week is now only £1. Prices and offers change all the time

  7. so what happens if my mum and dad bought pre pay plans in last 2 years
    where there was no discount to family except 250 for them joining the coop themselves
    so basically me working here never got them any sort of discount??????


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