Thanks to an exclusive partnership with Live Nation, we’re going to be the first UK food retailer to have a store at four major summer music festivals.

Download, Latitude, Reading and Leeds festivals will all welcome us into their grounds for the first time. The deal will see us build and run a 6,000 square foot shop at each of the four festivals to cater for hundreds of thousands of festival goers. Each store will stock a wide range of items, including food, water, beer and wine, toiletries including medicines and, to cover all eventualities, both sun cream and rain ponchos!

Don’t miss the May edition of our Food colleagues’ magazine ‘Let’s talk about food’ for your chance to enter our colleague competition to win a pair of VIP weekend camping tickets for Latitude.

Our festival stores will be open from 7am until 1am, stock over two hundred essential products and will be re-stocked each day. The Co-op will be located in the campsite area of each festival to make it easy to visit and stock up.

Amanda Jennings, Director of Marketing Communications, Co-op said:

“This industry first deal puts Co-op at the heart of festival communities this summer. It shows our ambition to reach out to new and younger customers, providing essential and quality products. Co-op is all about being close to the customer and it doesn’t get much closer than being right outside your tent.”

We’ll be supporting the partnership with a digital and social media campaign, alongside PR and experiential activities.

With lots of famous faces on site, who knows who might be spotted popping into their local Co-op!

But of course we won’t be able to do this without our colleagues. If representing Co-op and working in our festival stores sounds like music to your ears, then we could have the dream job for you. Co-op colleagues will soon be able to apply to work as part of a team in a pop-up store at one of the four festivals. Between shifts you’ll also be able to enjoy the live music and soak up the festival atmosphere. We’ll tell you more about this amazing opportunity and how to apply soon.

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  1. […] announcing our new partnership with Live Nation festivals we’ve had loads of positive feedback from colleagues across Co-op. It’s amazing to hear that […]

  2. I have been reading lots of comments about it being 6,000 sq ft and just 200 lines so empty shop. But thinking, as a pop up shop at a festival, wouldn’t we wants lots of just a few popular items, not every item we normally stock. So 200 lines would be large amounts of festival goers essentials etc.

  3. As a veteran Download festival attendee, this is something that really pleases me. Whilst it’s a great festival, the onsite food, drink etc suppliers are poor and overpriced. I really think these pop up stores will do a roaring trade. Great work in getting this in place, I really hope all the hard work pays off. I look forward to using the one at Download in June.

  4. Very Interesting! I’ll keep my eye out on how to aplpy. I’m in! 🙂 Having had the experience for the last 4 years in a retail food shop in the city centre I’m aware how busy it can get!

  5. A great idea! Let’s get out there and mix it up with lots of different people spread the Co-op message

  6. 6000sq ft, and yet only “over 200” lines – will the pop up store need to adhere to Sunday Trading laws?

    It’s a great idea, and will hopefully give us some market penetration in the younger demographic.

  7. Can you use your discount card at these pop up shops?

    • The store at each festival will be a standalone, mobile unit, which will be really different to any Co-op store you might have seen before, both in terms of merchandising and in-store environment. The logistics of operating in a field are also different and the till system we’re using will not have the facility to swipe member cards, so we won’t be able to offer 5+1 rewards or colleague discount in the festival stores. We will be having other member-only activities and are planning to work with the community groups in each of the locations to involve them, where possible.

  8. Erm . . . 6000sqft = small supermarket. 200 products = tiny shoebox shop. Something doesn’t add up here.

  9. A fantastic idea we should off thought of it years ago !

    One possible hurdle would be …Our distribution network cant work with, Snow, Sunshine, seasonal Events, Public holidays and that’s using Motorways and tarmacked roads, I can foresee the issue and reason for our great little pop up shop sitting empty, it was the mud and we didn’t know all them tents would be in our way !

    I hope its a success I really do !

  10. Hi – will colleagues from other areas other than the food stores be able to apply?
    I work for Legal Services.

    • Yes, the opportunity to work in the stores is open to all Co-op colleagues. Look out for more info on how to apply soon.

  11. Great idea, 100% up for this!!

  12. Sounds like an exciting development – 6000 sq ft and only 200 lines though? And if the pop up shop is that big, will it be covered by Sunday Trading law?
    I can see it being a massive money spinner – the sales potential is clearly enormous!

  13. Great idea – recall when the coop did something similar at cambridge folk festival just a pity that Latitude isnt in the school hols (although appreciare some are glad it isnt). Can we arrange for the Food colleagues’ magazine to be distributed to other areas of our business or publish the competition details on the intranet so that all colleagues get the opportunity to go – Thanks

    • Glad you think so, Andrew! And don’t worry about that, we’ll be getting the word out via all the right channels 🙂

  14. This is exciting, I’ll be applying for Download. Thank you 🙂

  15. Knowing the kind of people who go to Leeds and Reading the store better be very robust and well protected against theft. There will be some scumbags about.

    Thames Valley Police Figures from 2016 (for 3 days of the festival) :

    Criminal damage: 2
    Theft not classified elsewhere: 63
    Theft from the person – theft only: 40
    Theft from the person – snatch: 5
    Common assault and battery: 2
    Robbery – personal: 8
    Assault occasioning actual bodily harm: 4
    Aggravated burglary – residential – dwellings: 1
    Wound or inflict GBH: 1
    Assault on constable: 1
    Breach of a Criminal Behaviour Order: 1
    Public Order: Fear of provocation of violence: 1
    Theft from motor vehicle: 1

    Download Festival on the other hand ..

    • The safety of our colleagues, customers and property at all the festivals will be top priority. I’ve checked with the team and we’ll have security staff at our stores.

  16. How exciting! Can’t wait to hear more 😃

  17. Great idea!
    Count me in 😉

  18. I’m definitely interested to help out and see live music at a festival. 🙂

  19. yet again Scotland is left out, there are festivals being held in Scotland too

    • Hi Lisa, It’s not that we’ve left Scotland out deliberately. Unfortunately our partner for this, Live Nation, don’t currently have any festivals in Scotland that involve camping.
      However as part of separate deal we’ll have a pop-up store and Prosecco bar at Belladrum Tartan Heart festival in August so do check us out there.

  20. Put me down I’ll work all the shifts in the festival stores #TheCoopWay😊

  21. Wow. This is just amazing and so exciting!. Well done. Looking forward to applications 😎

  22. Love it! I would 100% volunteer for this 🙂

  23. This is a great way to engage with a younger audience! Well done forward thinking Co-op. Will we Member Pioneers be able to apply too?

    • We think so too Geraldine! Colleague Member Pioneers will be able to apply to work in the pop-up stores. Alasdair and the team are looking at how we best bring community to life at these festivals so there may be wider opportunities to get involved in. We’ll keep everyone posted as we find out more.

  24. Brilliant idea, but why close? People party through the night

    • I suspect the store will be restocked and faced through the night – perhaps there will be little chance during trading hours to do this, as it may get pretty hectic if its the only store on site.

    • It maybe due to the license that they cannot sell alcohol past a certain time or for it to be open 24 hours.

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