Graphic saying: safety is everyone's business

Whether it’s your own personal safety or keeping our customers, colleagues and property safe, it’s everyone’s responsibility to think about safety as we go about our daily routines. Please read through these reminders to help you think about safety all of the time.

  • Look after yourself
    As the clocks change, our own Insurance research shows an increase in opportunistic crime as we start to feel safer with the longer daylight hours. Think about where you park your car or your route into work and make sure you stay alert to your surroundings when coming to work or leaving to go home and don’t get distracted, for example by your mobile phone – muggings or accidents can happen at any time, so keep your wits about you!
  • Looking after colleagues and where we work
    If you’re welcoming visitors into the building, make sure they’re signed in and accompanied wherever they go. Make them aware of safety measures, including evacuation procedures and any specific things like the asbestos register if they’re carrying out works. Don’t let anyone tailgate you through secure doors / barriers – make sure they swipe to get through themselves to prove they’re allowed access to that area. In offices, colleagues must wear their ID so it’s visible at all times and call security if they see someone without their ID.
  • Keep us clear of clutter
    A clear and tidy workplace is important for health and safety reasons, and also for security too. Don’t leave parcels and bags lying around unattended – that way it’s easier to spot something that shouldn’t be there (and if you do see something, call security or the police). And keeping confidential work materials locked away is a must – especially with the new GDPR [intranet link] coming in May.
  • Prevent bad things happening in the first place
    Hindsight is a wonderful thing when an accident has happened. The real trick is to prevent accidents happening by looking at situations and making sure they are safe for you, colleagues and customers before anything bad happens. Whether that’s simply not ignoring that bit of spilt milk on the floor, or thinking about safety when planning new processes or activity. If you spot something that could go wrong, report it – we’d much rather have too many reports of problems than ignore one and cause an accident (if you’re unsure how to report something, please speak to your manager for help).

We have a risk and safety team who are here to help you think about these things, so please contact them to get advice: If you have access, have a look through the health and safety intranet pages for more info [if you don’t have direct intranet access, please ask your manager for help].

Thank you,

Andrew Lang
Chief Risk Officer

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  1. On the theme of looking after yourself this is the Crime Map of Greater Manchester Police for the area around our support centre buildings.

    You can use filters to see what types of crimes occur in the area and where they were recorded as taking place.

    It’s impressive that there is this much transparency from a public body.

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