Easter’s fallen fairly early this year, but though it’s crept up on us quickly, we couldn’t be happier to start celebrating in a week’s time.

With lots of dark mornings and some seriously cold spells, thoughts of the bank holiday weekend – our first real break of the year – is what’s getting many of us through. Easter is a time for getting together and reconnecting with loved ones – the perfect opportunity to take a break with delicious food and have some fun.

You might be hosting the entire extended family, or heading to see the friend you grew up with. You could be nipping to see your cousin down the road, or having a play date with your neighbours and their kids. If you’re working over the weekend, you might be visiting family after the busy bank holiday, or squeezing in moments of celebration when you can at home. Whoever you’re sharing your Easter with, Co-op’s on hand with plenty of reasons to get you round the table.

We’ve had some amazing feedback on our Easter range this year; we’ve got some delicious traditional products as well as some others with a bit of a twist.

hot cross bunsThe classic hot cross bun is a store-cupboard essential over the bank holiday, and at 6 for £1, it’s worth stocking up. Take a pack over to your cousin and try not to spit it out as you hear about your nephew’s hilarious handmade Easter bonnet, or make into a crowd-pleasing pudding, as seen in our latest edition of food magazine. Check it out for even more Easter inspiration.

Putting on a spread for the family? Alongside hot cross buns, our £7 chick cake and 2 for £1.50 Easter cupcakes have got you sorted for an afternoon of grazing and sharing stories from the last big gathering.

Or have you been roped into cooking Sunday lunch for everyone? Keep your eyes peeled for our lamb roast, an all-rounder accompanied with all the trimmings and plenty of spring veg – why not take a look at our recipes for ideas? So good that it might even get Old Uncle Albert to stop going on about the year you forgot to turn the oven on.

salmon meal dealWe’ve got you covered for that quick dinner for two as well. Grab our salmon meal deal on the way to see your oldest friend, and enjoy with a glass of wine as you cry with laughter remembering that Easter you melted all your chocolate eggs and used them as lipstick for your 15-year-old pouts.

If that memory hasn’t scarred you, make the most of our cracking 2 for £8 deal on selected large eggs. Mix and match Crème Egg and Maltesers Teasers with our very own Banoffee eggs to scatter as parting gifts to the family, or do a taste test with other mums and dads as the kids run amok in the garden.

Taking the time to enjoy Easter treats can be a stretch if you’re juggling family catering and entertaining – even more so if you’re working. But we all deserve that moment of calm, so make the most of our Easter Community Activity Sheet or grab a couple of our Easter egg hunt packs to create well-earned diversions. Check out our Easter TV ad to see the fun the pack can bring, whether you have a gazebo or not…

You can read the transcript too.

NOTE FOR OUR STORE COLLEAGUES: We know you can’t watch videos in store, but if you visit this site (colleaguestories.coop.co.uk) or youtube.com/TheCooperativeFood on your personal device you can watch them there.

And don’t forget, it’s Easter double discount on Friday 30 and Saturday 31 March 2018, so colleague members can get 20% off Co-op brand products in our Food stores. No need to worry if you forget those hot cross buns, that chocolate egg or you’re rushing home from work and it’s your turn for dinner – we can help. Likewise, it’s a great opportunity to stock up if you’re working and leaving the celebrating until after the weekend.

We hope you have a great bank holiday, full of memories, laughter and delicious food.

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  1. […] On Double Discount days (Friday 30 and Saturday 31 March) colleague members will get 20% off Co-op branded products in our Food stores, as well as the usual 10% off all other products. What better excuse to buy some extra Easter eggs or our Easter chick cake. […]

  2. Great to see the Co-Op have held there nerve & not reduced the Easter eggs, many retailers took the plunge last week & are running out. My stock is just right.

  3. Double discount question – on weekends when we get double discount on Co-op products, do we still get normal 10% discount on branded products as we would normally? Thanks!

    • We absolutely do 🙂

      Own brand products are boosted to a fantastic 20% off during Double Discount, and the 10% colleague discount still applies on all the normal branded products. Enjoy!

  4. 2 for £8 on brands is great , but better still is to get Co-op Brand this weekend. ALL Co-op chocolate eggs are delicious, Fairtrade with 20% off on top of members 5% plus 1% to your community , making them unmissable! Happy Fairtrade Easter!!

    • Thanks Brad! Lovely to hear from someone who’s proud that all our own-brand chocolate is Fairtrade 🙂

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