Saturday 19 May will be a day to remember – not just because it’s Harry and Meghan’s wedding, and the F.A Cup Final; it’s our Annual General Meeting (AGM), and if you’re an eligible member, then you’re invited to come along or watch live online.

As a member owned business, our AGM and elections give you a chance to get involved in our democracy, and vote on:

  • Our motions – these include important things like what we campaign on, and how we work (last year these were around Fairtrade, modern slavery and making more of our packaging recyclable)
  • Our Member Nominated Directors who help set the business strategy, oversee our commercial and financial performance, and make sure we’re staying true to our values and principles
  • Our Council members who make sure members’ voices and interests are heard at the highest level in our business

There was a lot of buzz around our AGM last year and it was one of the top five things trending on Twitter – alongside Pippa Middleton’s wedding.


Check if you’re eligible to vote

You’ll need to meet our eligibility requirements to vote. To find out if you’re eligible, just log in to your membership account.

If you’re eligible, you can either come along to our AGM in Manchester and vote on the day, or vote by post or online. Packs will start to arrive in mid-April and the deadline to return them is 14 May.