Our Membership Prize Draw is back, giving you the chance to win some amazing prizes.

Buy some broccoli and win a family holiday in Australia? Stock up on washing powder and get you and three others a trip in a hot air balloon? Sounds good to us!

Our Membership Prize Draw is back this April, and we’ve got some really fantastic prizes available for our members. And with entry coming from you spending your Membership 5% reward, it’s an effortless way to make the most of an already-good situation.

Between Wednesday 11 and Tuesday 24 April, any purchases you make using your 5% reward will be entered into our prize draw. Any amount counts as entry, whether you spend every penny you’ve accrued or you use just a fraction.

We often get asked about the technical bits of using your 5%, so to make things easier:

  • If your reward is lower than your basket value then you need to spend all your reward
  • If your reward is higher than your basket value then you can use remainder of your reward on another shop

So, whether you spend your Membership reward every week, you’ve been hanging onto it for that perfect spending opportunity, or you just simply haven’t thought about it, now’s the time to spend it.

As well as holidays down under and trips up above, we’ve got a host of other giveaways we’re excited about.

You could pick up your charcoal and end up with a BBQ pack, including food and games, for free. You might get sandwich supplies for your weekend picnic with the kids and win a £50 National Trust voucher. You could even pick up your movie night pizza, have to double back because you forgot the popcorn, and wind up with £50 to spend at Pizza Express and an independent cinema voucher.

We want to show all our members how easy it is to spend the money they get back from shopping with us. We see it as a win-win; spending your reward – whether it’s on the essentials or those little indulgences – puts you in the running to win even more of the things you love.

We’re looking forward to seeing many of our members and colleagues making the most of that 5% this April, and if you win a prize, we’d love to hear about it. Good luck!

See coop.co.uk/swipe for a list of prizes and full T&Cs.


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  1. […] just kicked off April’s Membership Reward prize draw. Between 11 and 24 April, every purchase made using your 5% reward will gain you entry into our […]

  2. is double discount on Co-op food stuff on tomorrow/Saturday?

  3. Do we have to spend all our rewards or can it be just a portion of it.

    • Hi Sandra, Any amount counts as entry, whether you spend every penny you’ve accrued or you use just a fraction. And I’ll be spending mine in St Ives next week! John Boyle

  4. It is possible to use only a small amount of your reward when the basket is greater, by keying in an amount of cash first. The reward button then decreases to the outstanding balance.

  5. Australia! What a wonderful prize, me and the missus visited there in the late 60’s, before we had Alice and Henry. It is a beautiful country, I remember watching the sunset from the top of Ayers Rock, though you can’t call it that now. Quite right too. Anyway I digress, glad to see the membership draw back, another great reason to always shop Co-op

  6. Every time you run these events we should get to find out who the winner is. Who won the last event?

    • Hi Hal

      the winners list for previous campaigns is published on the website 28 days after closing. you can obtain the winner list on request on contacting the membership contact centre.
      However for this campaign the list will not be published due to data protection but can be obtained on request

      thank you

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